List of Indexed Journals

Total Journals:365     

Journal NameISSN
Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences: A. Physical and Computational Sciences 2518-4245
Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences: B. Life and Environmental Sciences 2518-4261
Abasyn Journal of Life Sciences NA
Abasyn University Journal of Social Sciences
Academic Research International 2223-9944
Acta mineralogica pakistanica NA
Advancements in life sciences 2310-5380
Agriculture pakistan NA
Al-Shifa journal of Opthalmology 1990-3863
Annals of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and karachi medical & dental college 1563-3241
Annals of King Edward Medical University 2079-7192
Annals of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences 1815-2287
Annals of Punjab Medical College 2077-9143
APSP Journal of Case Reports 2218-8185
Armed forces medical journal NA
Asian Journal of Agriculture and Biology
Asian Journal of Algebra 1994-540x
Asian Journal of Engineering Sciences and Technology 2077-1142
Asian Journal of Information Technology NA
Asian Journal of Mathematics & Statistics 1994-5418
Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 1682-3974
Asian Journal of Scientific Research 1992-1454
Asian medical news karachi NA
Bahria Journal of Professional Psychology 1816-0840
Bahria University Journal of Information & Communication Technologies 1999-4974
Bahria University Research Journal of Earth Sciences 2415-2234
Balochistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences 1810-1364
Barquab NA
Biologia 0006-3096
Biological Research Journal
Biomedica 1992-4852
Biotechnology 1682-296X
BUITEMS Journal of Applied and Emerging Sciences 1814-070X
Bulletin of centre of excellence in geology NA
Bulletin of hydrobiological research NA
Bulletin of irrigation drainage and flood control research council of pakistan NA
Bulletin of zoology NA
Bulletin Pakistan Forest Institute (Biological Series) NA
Challenge NA
Chemical horizons NA
Chemists review NA
Dacca university studies NA
East Pakistan Medical Journal NA
Elmac journal NA
Energy NA
Engineer (Pakistan Engineering Council)
Engineering forum karachi NA
Engineering horizons 1017-8260
Engineering news
Entomologists gazette NA
Environ Monitor 1684-8012
Fisheries of Pakistan NA
Forward NA
Frontier Journal of Agricultural Research
FUUAST Journal of Biology 2222-0356
Geologica (research bulletin of geoscience laboratory geological survey of pakistan,islamabad) NA
Geological bulletin (university of peshawar) NA
Geological Bulletin of the Punjab University 1816-2185
Geonews NA
Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences 1819-7973
Gomal University Journal of Research 1019-8180
Hamdard NA
Hamdard medical digest NA
Hamdard Medicus 0250-7188
IEEE International Conference on Digital Futures and Transformative Technologies (ICoDT2) May 24-26, 2022 (Book of Abstracts) 978-1-6654-9819-7
Industrial development NA
Infectious Diseases Journal
Information technology Journal 1812-5638
International Food & Nutrition Conference" August 18th-20th, 2022, University of Swat, Swat (Book of Abstracts) 978-969-8040-46-8
International Journal for Electronic Crime Investigation 2522-3429
International Journal of Agriculture and Applied Sciences 2072-8409
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 1560-8530
International Journal of Biology and Biotechnology 1810-2719
International Journal of Botany 1811-9700
International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security 2076-0930
International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology 2223-957x
International Journal of Pathology 1810-0155
International Journal of Pharmacology 1811-7775
International Journal of Phycology and Phytochemistry 1815-459X
International Journal of Poultry Science 1682-8356
International Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences
International Journal of Reviews in Computing 2076-3328
Islamabad Journal of Science
Isra Medical Journal
Jadeed science (urdu) NA
Jarida NA
Journal of Diabetes Association Pakistan NA
Journal Geographic NA
Journal of Agricultural Research 0368-1157
Journal of Agriculture and Social Sciences 1813-2235
Journal of Agriculture Research
Journal of Agronomy 1812-5379
Journal of Allama Iqbal Medical College 2076-2860
Journal of Analytical Chemistry NA
Journal of Animal and Plant sciences 1018-7081
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 1680-5593
Journal of Applied and Emerging Sciences 1814-070X
Journal of Applied Sciences
Journal of Ayub Medical College
Journal of Bahria University Medical and Dental College 2220-7562
Journal of Baqai Medical University 1560-2002
Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 1814-8085
Journal of Biological Sciences
Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases
Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan 0253-5106
Journal of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan 1022-386X
Journal of Dow University of Health Sciences 1995-2198
Journal of Drainage and Reclamation 1018-5062
Journal of drainage and water management NA
Journal of Early Childhood Care and Educaiton 2616-7557
Journal of Educational Sciences & Research 2310-7901
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 1023-862X
Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 1994-7887
Journal of Faculty of Engineering and Technology 1992-3082
Journal of Fatima Jinnah Medical College,Lahore 1998-1503
Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Journal of Information and Communication Technology 1816-613X
Journal of Islamabad Medical & Dental College 2227-3875
Journal of Islamic International Medical College 1815-4018
Journal of karachi physics society NA
Journal of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences 1729-0341
Journal of mathematical sciences NA
Journal of Medical Science 1682-4474
Journal of Natural Sciences
Journal of Natural Sciences and mathematics 0022-2941
Journal of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists 1560-9014
Journal of Pakistan Dental Association 1680-2292
Journal of Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers 1813-4092
Journal of pakistan institute of medical sciences NA
Journal of Pakistan Material Society 1994-6899
Journal of Pakistan Medical Association 0030-9982
Journal of Pakistan Medical Students 2222-2332
Journal of Pakistan Orthopedic Association 2077-320X
Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society 1726-8710
Journal of Pakistan Vision 1681-5742
Journal of pharmacy NA
Journal of Postgraduate Medical Institute peshawar 1013-5472
Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics 1817-2725
Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences 0255-3643
Journal of Quality and Technology Management 1816-2185
Journal of Rawalpindi Medical College 1683-3562
Journal of Research in Architecture and Planning 1728-7715
Journal of Research Science 1021-1012
Journal of science NA
Journal of Science and Technology 0250-5339
Journal of Scientific Research 0555-7674
Journal of Sheikh Zayed Medical College 2078-8274
Journal of Society of Obstetricians and gynaecologists of Pakistan