Intellectual Property Rights

Workshops Organized on intellectual Property Rights in various cities of Pakistan

Title Venue Date
Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights The Agha Khna University, Karachi 9 March, 2016
Workshop on “The Role of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in Promotion of Science & Technology” Bahawalpur 3 February. 2016
Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights” Government College University, Faisalabad 6 November, 2015
Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights” University of Sargodha, Sargodha 15 May, 2015
Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs): Drafting and Filing of Patent Application” University of Peshawar June 04, 2015
Seminar on Intellectual Property Protection “Guidelines for Researchers & Industry” NED University of Engineering, Karachi 28 May, 2014
Workshop on Patent Protection for R & D HEJ, Karachi February 01, 2012
SAARC Workshop on Access to Information & IPR Issues Islamabad 19-22 December, 2006
A series of workshops organized on “Use of Patent Information System”

PCSIR, Karachi

PCSIR Lahore

PSF, Islamabad

PCSIR, Peshawar

July 24, 2001

July 30, 2001

1st August, 2001

August 3, 2001

A one day Seminar on " Understanding Patentability Issues of Scientific Research" PSF, Islamabad 30th April , 2004
A Seminar on "Role of Patents in Fostering Innovations" Karachi 21st  May, 2004
A seminar on "Creation of Intellectual Property Culture" in collaboration with NED University , Karachi NED University, Karachi 09-10 February, 2005
A Workshop on "Creating Value in Scientific and Technological Research" PSF, Islamabad 3rd May , 2005