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1 A High Performance Cloud Data Center Architecture Using Software-Defined Networks    [Show More] Dr. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi
2 A Privacy-Preserving Framework for Collaborative Business Process Composition    [Show More] Dr. Basit Shafiq
3 Aberrant DNA methylation as signature for breast cancer patients in Pakistani population    [Show More] Dr. Muhammad Tariq
4 Access to Justice for Poor and Vulnerable Groups through Support to Legal and Civil Society Organizations and Judiciary in Punjab, Pakistan    [Show More] Dr. Muhammad Fareed Zaffar
5 Agri-business sector diagnostics    [Show More] Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan
6 Amelioration of Salt Induced Adverse Effects in Sunflower (Helianthus Annus L) By Exogenous Appliation of Two Potential Plant Growth Regulators 5-Aminolevulinic Acid And Thiamine.    [Show More] Dr. Muhammad AShraf
7 Analysis of winning probabilities in Pakistan Prize Bonds    [Show More] Dr. Arif Zaman
8 Association between high salt exposure and genetic integrity in salt mine workers    [Show More] Zertashia Akram
9 Attaining Maximum Solar Energy through Fine Grained Clustering in Home Area Networks    [Show More] Dr. Naveed Arshad
10 Boosting FDI Inflows to Pakistan: What Can Policy Makers Do?    [Show More] Dr. Abid Aman Burki
11 breeding for impact of different temperatures on BT cruciferous crops and development of resistance to insecticides in plutella xylostella”    [Show More] Dr. Shafqat Saeed
12 Building From Scratch: How Nanomaterials Can Help Resolve Membrane Scaffold Geometry and Function    [Show More] Dr. Basit Yameen
13 Canal Drones: Precise 3D Profiling of Siltation in Waterways    [Show More] Dr. Abubakr Muhammad
14 Cellular characterization of Aurora A kinase inhibitors for cancer therapeutics and identification of resistance mechanisms    [Show More] Dr. Amir Faisal
15 Computer Vision & Machine Learning Consultancy    [Show More] Dr. Murtaza Taj
16 Contribution of deal purpose legumes for energy practically and profitability of cereal base cropping system agronomic and economic variation.    [Show More] Dr. Muhamad Asif
17 Control of Bacterial Growth in a Biofilm    [Show More] Dr. Adnan Khan
18 Conversion Kit for UPS to A Pseudo-Hybrid Converter with Scalable Architecture for Neighborhood Level Distribution Capability    [Show More] Dr. Hassan Abbas Khan
19 Creating and Utilizing Comic Books to Bridge Knowledge Gaps in Child Health in Rural Okara, Punjab    [Show More] Dr. Kashif Zaheer Malik
20 Design and Development of a Next-Generation Modelling and Simulation Platform for Cancer Systems Biology    [Show More] : Dr. Safee Ullah Chaudhary
21 Design and development of the mesh partitioning algorithm for a distributed numerical estimation of partial differential equation models of extra cellular environments using CUDA graphical processing unit arrays    [Show More] Dr. Safee Ullah Chaudhary
22 Design and Development of Wireless Sensor Networks in Industrial Monitoring and Control    [Show More] Dr. Ijaz Haider Naqvi
23 Determinants of Internationalization Performance of SMEs: Institutional, Cultural, and Capability Factors    [Show More] Dr. Kamran Ali Chata
24 Development of a medicinal product, capable of fighting against obesity and metabolic syndrome.    [Show More] Dr. Darakshan Jabeen Haleem
25 Development of a Software Defined Radio Test-bed utilising GPS Signals for Navigation Applications    [Show More] Dr. Muhammad Tahir
26 Development of an Affinity Support to Facilitate Isolation and Structural Characterization of Native Human Thymidylate Synthase for the Posttranslational Modifications and Their Role in Drug Resistance    [Show More] Dr. Muhammad Saeed
27 Development of an ultrasonic test bed for biomedical and detection applications    [Show More] Dr. Farasat Munir
28 Development of Hepatitis C Viral and Human Immunodeficiency Viral Cellular Infectivity Assays to Identify New Potential Therapeutics    [Show More] Dr. Syed Shahzad ul Hussan
29 Development of Sorghum-Sudan Grass Hybrids for Better Forage Yield and Quality under normal and Drought Stress    [Show More] Dr. Ameer Bibi
30 Development of Water Resources Management Information System (WRMIS) and Decision Support System (DSS) For Efficient Irrigation Water Management in Punjab    [Show More] Dr. Abubakr Muhammad
31 Digital Street Theatre for Global Maternal and Child Health Education    [Show More] Dr. Maryam Mustafa
32 Digital Street Theatre for Global Maternal and Child Health Education    [Show More] Dr. Maryam Mustafa
33 Electric Trike Replacement of Donkey Carts    [Show More] Mr. Nauman Ahmad Zaffar
34 Electrical Resistivity Survey for Groundwater Investigation to Locate Borehole Sites for Installation of 300 Tube wells of One cusec Capacity each in Nawab Shah, Sakrand, Mehrabpur Extending upto more area    [Show More] Dr. Saeed Ahmed Soomro
35 Embedded 6 DOF Visual-Inertial Odometry for Aerial and Ground Robots    [Show More] Dr. Ahmad Kamal Nasir
36 Enabling EEG Signal Technology for Home Health Care    [Show More] Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Khan
37 Establishment of Centre for Islamic Finance - Financial Innovation Challenge Fund (FICF)    [Show More] Dr. Saad Azmat
38 Evaluation of Battery Discharge Profile for In-Service Mobile Phones    [Show More] Dr. Hassan Abbas Khan
39 Evaluation of Mungbean Cultivars and Impact of Seed Inoculation With rhizobium in Pothwar Plateau.    [Show More] Dr. Muhammad Rasheed
40 Evaluation of Prequalification of for Government of the Punjab (2017-18)    [Show More] Dr. Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja
41 Experimental Validation of Smart Grid Technologies by Building a Test Bed at LUMS    [Show More] Dr Naveed Hassan
42 Exploiting controlled atmosphere technology potential for extended storage and shipping of fresh produce to international markets    [Show More] Dr. Aman Ullah Malik
43 Extending the Cyberphysical Systems R & D Paradigm using Energy Transference    [Show More] Dr. Muhammad Hamad Alizai
44 Fiber-Optic Applications using Agile and Tunable Photonics    [Show More] Dr. Syed Azer Reza
45 Fine Tuning of an In-house Developed Atomic Force Microscope    [Show More] Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar
46 Genome-Wide Identification of Salt Tolerant Genes in Using High-Throughput Sequencing Data    [Show More] : Dr. Aziz Mithani
47 Genome-Wide Identification of Salt Tolerant Genes in Using High-Throughput Sequencing Data    [Show More] : Dr. Aziz Mithani
48 Green Catalytic Conversion of Waste Paper to Fuels and Chemicals    [Show More] Dr. Muhammad Zaheer
49 GreenSMS: A Low-cost and Non-invasive System to Reduce Load Shedding    [Show More] Dr. Naveed Arshad
50 High Power Density Inverter for intermittent grid and electrical drives with enhanced efficiency and low switch stresses.    [Show More] Mr. Nauman Ahmad Zaffar