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1 (Mgo.95 Nio.05) Ti03-SrTi03 as a novel dielectric material for RADAR system replacing FR4 material    [Show More] Abdul Manan
2 1 KVA stand alone Photovolataic System for rural areas    [Show More] Muhammad Aamir
3 360 Cylindrical Interactive Display    [Show More] Rehan Hafiz
4 3D Graphical Imagery Therapy for Healing Brain Tumors in Children    [Show More] Sadaf Sajjad
5 3D Indoor Modelling and Classification of Structured Environments    [Show More] Dr. Syed Riaz Un Nabi Jafri
6 3D Printed Scaffold Development by polysaccharide- Ceramic Composites Biomedical Applications    [Show More] Rashid Amin
7 3D Printer    [Show More] Kamran Zaidi
8 3D Reconstruction of Pakistan's Heritage Sites    [Show More] Sohaib Ahmad Khan
9 3D Ultrasound Imaging Improving Quality and Information Content in 3D Echocardiography by Multi-view Fusion    [Show More] Kashif Rajpoot
10 3D Wireless control Robotic arm with MEMS    [Show More] Shahid Khattak
11 50 Years of Environmentally Sustainable Urban Development of Islamabad    [Show More] Amir Haider Malik
12 9-aminoacridine derivatives as potential antialzheimer agents: insilico studies, synthesis, and biological evaluation    [Show More] Nousheen Mushtaq
13 A baseline study for the detection of hepatitis C virus in intra venous drug abusers from Pakistan    [Show More] Nazish Bostan
14 A Combination of Megnetic Nanoparticles and Polymer brushed: Towards development of magnetically assisted, high capacity and efficient metal ion contaminated water remediation adsorbent    [Show More] Basit Yameen
15 A Combined Computational and Experimental Approach To Develop Nanoparticles Mediated Anticancer Peptide Drug Delivery System    [Show More] Aisha Naeem
16 A Comparative evaluation fo laser and conventional surgery on various soft tissue surgical interventions in canines    [Show More] Abdul Shakoor
17 A Comparison between Titanium and Resorbable Plates for fixation of Mandibular Fractures    [Show More] Waseem Ahmed
18 A Comparison of Concentrate and Fodder Based Finishing Diets on the Performance, Carcass Composition and Meat Quality of Lohi and Sipli Lambs    [Show More] Muhammad Iqbal Mustafa
19 A comparison of Multiplicative and Additive optional RR Model    [Show More] Javid Shabbir
20 A comparison of Reliability analysis for electronic devices using beta generalized Weibull and generalized exponential distributions    [Show More] Sajid Ali
21 A component of To enhance the productivity and sustainability of rainfed and irrigated wheat in wheat based systems in Pakistan.” As Objective-5:    [Show More] Ch. Ghulam Hussain
22 A double blind randomized community-based trial of amoxicillin versus placebo for non-severe pneumonia in children age 2-59 months in Pakistan    [Show More] Anita Kaniz Mehdi Zaidi
23 A facile enantioselective synthesis of (+) - ( R) - concentricolide (A natural alkhaloid)    [Show More] Adeem Mehmood
24 A Facile Synthesis of Angiogenesis Inhibitors: Cytogenin (8-hydroxy-3-hydroxymethyl-6- methoxyisocoumarin) and NM-3    [Show More] Aamer Saeed Bhatti
25 A flexible memo radar test bed for data acquisition and algorithm testing    [Show More] Abdur Rehman Mohammad Maud
26 A follow-up study of the PF-PAK Workshop on strengthening extension skills of young pakistani professionals    [Show More] Khalid Mahmood Ch
27 A framework for optimizing energy in the execution of data-intensive applications in heterogeneous computing systems    [Show More] Saima Gulzar Ahmad
28 A Gate-To-Gate Life Cycle Assessment of Match Industry for Wood Consumption and Wood-Waste Generation    [Show More] Nazish Huma Khan
29 A General Infeasibility Certificate for non-linear Optimization Problems    [Show More] Shakoor Muhammad
30 A GIS based floral atlas of Northern Pakistan    [Show More] Dr. Zafeer Saqib
31 A green approach for Silver nanoparticles synthesis and its application for environmental remediation    [Show More] Ikram Ahmad
32 A High Performance Cloud Data Centre Architecture Using Software-Defined Networks    [Show More] Dr. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi
33 A high Resolution Seamless Aerosol Algrorithm for major Cities {Lahore and Karachi} of Pakistan    [Show More] Muhammad Imran Shahzad
34 A Histological Study of Human Olfactory Mucosa: Regional Distribution and Age Related Changes    [Show More] Mohammad Tahir
35 A household level analysis of Pakistan- China free trade agreement and Pakistan China economic corridor_ A CGE Approach    [Show More] Muhammad Aamir Khan
36 A knowledge – based expert system for yarn-manufacturing    [Show More] Tanveer Hussain
37 A link reliable routing protocol for underwater sensor networks    [Show More] Moeenuddin Tariq
38 A Low Cost Ultrasound Training Simulator    [Show More] Naveed Arshad
39 A low cost, high accuracy and improved integrity cooperative driver assistance platform for enhancing traffic safety and road networks efficiency    [Show More] Muhammad Tahir
40 A Metagenomic Approach to Unbiased Identification of Pathogens Endemic to Pakistan    [Show More] Masood Rabbani
41 A Multi View Imaging (MVI) Processing Platform: Real Time Panoramic Mosaic Generation    [Show More] Rehan Hafiz
42 A nanoscale novel biofilter for efficient fluoride and arsenic removal from contaminated ground water in Pakistan    [Show More] Aamira Tariq
43 A natural product Decursin enhances the radio-sensitization of in-vivo cancer model    [Show More] Adeeb Shehzad
44 A Novel Approach Towards the Synthesis of Steroids by Pd-Mediated Cascade Cyclization    [Show More] Abdul Rauf Raza
45 A Novel Battery Charger with Power Factor Correction For Plug-In Electrical Vehicles    [Show More] Shahid Iqbal
46 A novel chemical synthesis of Mn3O4 nanowalled arrays nanosheet and its stepwise conversion into birnessite MnO2 through voltammetric cycling for incorporation of alkali cations    [Show More] Nawishta Jabeen
47 A novel crop sensing and monitoring approach via Multi-temporal distinguish-ability and classification    [Show More] Bushra Naz
49 A Novel Voice Adaptation Architecture and Congestion Control Mechanism Designed for Real-Time Interactive Application    [Show More] Touseef Javed Ch
50 A Pervasive Healthcare Testbed for Optimized Monitoring of Medical Date Services    [Show More] Syed Asad Hussain