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Technology Information Service : Technology News Bulletin

  • Technology Roundup online bulletin, a bimonthly publication, provides latest national & international innovative S&T news and forthcoming Industrial events.
  • It also promotes products and services globally in sectors such as Agro-Industry, Energy, Medical Technology, Food Processing, Machinery, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Biotechnology, Building Materials, Chemicals, Electronics, Fisheries, and Nanotechnology, etc.

September-October, 2023 (Vol.15, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2023 (Vol.15, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2023 (Vol.15, No.3)Read Online
March-April, 2023 (Vol.15, No.2)Read Online
January-Februrary, 2023 (Vol.15, No.1)Read Online
November-December, 2022 (Vol.14, No.6)Read Online
September-October, 2022 (Vol.14, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2022 (Vol.14, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2022 (Vol.14, No.3)Read Online
March-April, 2022 (Vol.14, No.2)Read Online
January-February, 2022 (Vol.14, No.1)Read Online
November-December, 2021 (Vol.13, No.6)Read Online
September-October, 2021 (Vol.13, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2021 (Vol.13, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2021 (Vol.13, No.3)Read Online
March-April, 2021 (Vol.13, No.2)Read Online
January-February, 2021 (Vol.13, No.1)Read Online
November-December, 2020 (Vol.12, No.6)Read Online
September-October, 2020 (Vol.12, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2020 (Vol.12, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2020 (Vol.12, No.3)Read Online
March-April, 2020 (Vol.12, No.2)Read Online
January-February, 2020 (Vol.12, No.1)Read Online
November-December, 2019 (Vol.11, No.6)Read Online
September-October, 2019 (Vol.11, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2019 (Vol.11, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2019 (Vol.11, No.3)Read Online
March-April, 2019 (Vol.11, No.2)Read Online
January-February, 2019 (Vol.11, No.1)Read Online
November-December, 2018 (Vol.10, No.6)Read Online
September-October, 2018 (Vol.10, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2018 (Vol.10, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2018 (Vol.10, No.3)Read Online
March-April, 2018 (Vol.10, No.2)Read Online
January-Februrary, 2018 (Vol.10, No.1)Read Online
November-December, 2017 (Vol.9, No.6)Read Online
September-October, 2017 (Vol.9, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2017 (Vol.9, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2017 (Vol.9, No.3)Read Online
March-April, 2017 (Vol.9, No.2)Read Online
Jan-Feb, 2017 (Vol.9, No.1)Read Online
Nov-Dec, 2016 (Vol.8, No.6)Read Online
Sept-Oct, 2016 (Vol.8, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2016 (Vol.8, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2016 (Vol.8, No.3)Read Online
March-April, 2016 (Vol.8, No.2)Read Online
Jan-Feb, 2016 (Vol.8, No.1)Read Online
Nov-Dec, 2015 (Vol.7, No.6)Read Online
Sept-Oct, 2015 (Vol.7, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2015 (Vol.7, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2015 (Vol.7, No.3)Read Online
March-April, 2015 (Vol.7, No.2)Read Online
Jan-Feb, 2015 (Vol.7, No.1)Read Online
Nov-Dec, 2014 (Vol.6, No.6)Read Online
Sep-Oct, 2014 (Vol.6, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2014 (Vol.6, No.4)Read Online
Mar-Jun, 2014 (Vol.6, No.2&3)Read Online
Jan-Feb, 2014 (Vol.6, No.1)Read Online
Sep-Oct, 2013 (Vol.5, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2013 (Vol.5, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2013 (Vol.5, No.3)Read Online
Jan-Apr, 2013 (Vol.5, No.1&2)Read Online
Nov-Dec, 2012 (Vol.4, No.6)Read Online
Sep-Oct, 2012 (Vol.4, No.5)Read Online
July-Aug, 2012 (Vol.4, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2012 (Vol.4, No.3)Read Online
Jan-Feb, 2012 (Vol.4, No.1)Read Online
Nov-Dec, 2011 (Vol.3, No.6)Read Online
Sep-Oct, 2011 (Vol.3, No.5)Read Online
July-August, 2011 (Vol.3, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2011 (Vol.3, No.3)Read Online
March, 2011 (Vol.3, No.2)Read Online
Jan-Feb, 2011 (Vol.3, No.1)Read Online
Nov-Dec, 2010 (Vol.2, No.6)Read Online
Sep-Oct, 2010 (Vol.2, No.5)Read Online
July-Aug, 2010 (Vol.2, No.4)Read Online
May-June, 2010 (Vol.2, No.3)Read Online
Mar-Apr, 2010 (Vol.2, No.2)Read Online
Jan-Feb, 2010 (Vol.2, No.1)Read Online
Nov-Dec, 2009 (Vol.1, No.3)Read Online
Sep-Oct, 2009(Vol.1, No.2)Read Online
July-Aug, 2009 (Vol.1, No.1)
Read Online

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