Strengthening and Enhancement of Reprographic services of PASTIC.
Sponsoring Ministry Ministry Of Science and Technology
Duration 1 Year
Cost(In million) 37.41
Main Objective
  • Enhancing the printing quality of PASTIC Press.
  • Strengthening the printing services.
  • Introduction of latest computer graphic software technology to ensure high speed and quality Reprographic services with timely execution and quality assurance.
  • Facilitating the printing work of publication, reports etc. of S&T and R&D organizations.
Main Components of the Programme
  • Acquisition of Machinery and Equipment
  • Acquisition of Air-conditioning system
  • Renovation of Reprographic Section
  • Operational Vehicle
  • Staff training
Science Awareness through TV Channels
Sponsoring Ministry Ministry of Science & Technology, MoST
Duration 02-09-2004 to 30-12-2007
Cost(In million) 16.00
Main Objective Creation of awareness and interest in science and technology through multimedia, specially the TV leading to socio-economic development and better quality of life in Pakistan.
Main Components of the Programme
  • Acquisition, translation and dubbing of S&T films and documentaries on important aspects of science and technology.
  • Production of S&T films and documentaries on important S&T issues and their possible solutions for the economic development of the country.
  • Panel discussions on TV, involving scientists and eminent scholars, for clarification of scientific concepts and technological issues.
  • Training of scientists and media practitioners for popularization of science through mass media.
Out put/Achievements
  • Programme 1:Acquired, translated and dubbed: 62 documentaries
    Aired: 21 documentaries
  • Programme 2:Documentaries produced:9
  • Programme 3:Recorded and aired Panel Discussions:10
  • Programme 4:Workshops organized:5

Establishment of National Science and Technology Database/Information Network at PASTIC.
Sponsoring Ministry Ministry Of Science and Technology
Duration 2001-2005
Cost(In million) 39.70
Main Objective To strengthen the S&T information service through resource sharing.
Main Components of the Programme
  • Establishment of National Science & Technology Database/ Information Network.
  • Screening of Major Libraries of Pakistan and Preparation of Union Catalogue on CD-ROM.
  • Training Programme for Library Automation.
Out put/Achievements
  • Networking was established with HEC PERN network and with network members.
  • CD-ROM Databases were acquired according to requirement of PASTIC and network members.
  • Services have been enhanced and time for service has been reduced from 4 weeks to a few hours
  • Computers servers, Client PC's, licensed software and telecommunication infrastructure have been implemented / installed.
  • Data of about 11626 Journals have been collected from 200 S & T Libraries.
  • Compiled and published Union Catalogue of 200 librarieswhich was also prepared on CD-ROM and uploaded with advance searching facility on PASTIC website (URL
  • Training lab was set up at PASTIC National Center and Sub-Center, Karachi
  • Automation of PASTIC Library was initiated and 11625 records were entered in the database.
  • Twenty one training courses/ workshops were organized on different topics, viz., Information handling for promotion of E-Business, use of Patent Information System, library automation, and knowledge management etc. in major cities of Pakistan. 1134 people from different libraries attended the courses.

Strengthening of PASTIC National Science Reference Library.
Sponsoring Ministry Ministry Of Science and Technology
Duration 1990-1991
Cost(In million) 4.00
Main Objective Purchase of primary and secondary journals, reference books etc.
Out put/Achievements PASTIC library acquire about 300 books and subscribed to 23 S&T Journals (128 issues) and following databases on CD-ROM.
  • Applied Science and Technology index.
  • Science Citation Index for 1993 only.
  • Poltox from 1996 to date.
  • MEDLINE from 1966 to 1933.
  • Life Science Collection.
  • Current Contents: Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences.

Current Content Service.
Sponsoring Ministry Ministry Of Science and Technology
Duration 1990-1991
Cost(In million) 0.2
Main Objective
  • To provide Current Awareness to scientists/researchers by sending them contents of S&T Journals.
  • To overcome the shortage of budget of procurement of important S&T journals.
Out put/Achievements
  • The current content service was provided each month to 461 individual scientists in the field of Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Computer Science, Biochemistry, Earth Science, Mathematiocs, Physics and Technology.
  • About 200 articles on an average were supplied per year. The project ended on 30-06-1991 but the service continued.

Setting up database facilities at PASTIC.
Sponsoring Ministry Ministry Of Science and Technology
Duration 1990-1991
Cost(In million) 2.09
Main Objective To strengthen activities of PASTIC
Out put/Achievements PASTIC acquire the following equipment under the project
  • IBM RISC/6000 Model320 mini Computer with AIX Operating System and COBOL Compiler.
  • IBM Laser printer Model 4019.
  • IBM Compatible 80486 Systems (Qty 2).
  • IBM Compatible 80386 Systems (Qty 9).
  • IBM Compatible 80286 Systems (Qty 2).
  • HP Scan IIC Scanner.
  • HP Paint Jet XL Printer.
  • 3KVA Stabilizer.
  • 1KVA stabilizer.
  • Novell Netware for 10 users.
  • Modems (Qty 4).
  • CD-ROM disk drivers (Qty 3).
  • 5.25" rewritable optical disk drive.
  • 130 MB Hard Disk (Qty 3).
  • PC Mouse (Qty 3).
  • 386DX-40 Mother Board.
  • Panasonic Dot Matrix Printer (Qty 3).
  • UPS with Battery.
Estiblishment of LAN at PASTIC