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PASTIC Collaborative Training

PASTIC has taken initiative to uplift the skills of the researchers belonging to academia, R&D organizations, Industries, social development and service sector organizations by imparting trainings on modern ICT tools and techniques useful towards quality research for socio economic development of the country. Trainings are imparted under the following models:

In-House trainings are conducted on already decided topics at PASTIC premises. Annual training calendar of PASTIC National center and sub-Centers is available at . Online/downloadable registration form along with training contents is available at this link get register online

Need based trainings are conducted on demand driven topics by the academia and S&T/R&D institutions/organizations. Online/downloadable request form is available at to initiate need based training activity at your premises.

Collaborative trainings activity can be initiated jointly subject to the condition that the training objectives are linked with PASTIC training objective. Following conditions will be applied for collaborative training activity.

a. PASTIC-PSF services presentation should be part of training programme. b. PASTIC will not charge for lab, multimedia and for other facilities except refreshment charges (if agreed). c. PASTIC logo and introduction should be the part of training as publicity material.
Hiring of PASTIC training infrastructure at PASTIC national Centre or sub-center (Lab facility etc) will be charged as per following approved charges.

1. Rs. 5000/- Per Session (9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.) and additional Rs. 1000/- per hour with all facilities i.e. multimedia, computers etc. 2. Internet charges Rs. 10/- Per Hour 3. Requests to avail the training lab facility should be received at least one week before the proposed training activity. 4. Request form is available at this link.