Calendar 2018

PASTIC National Center, and its sub centers regularly conduct trainings on different topics for research and scientific community.

Annual Training Calendar
1st Quarter (Feb-March) 2018

Location Training Title Date Status
National Centre, Islamabad SPSS Training (three days) 26-28 Feb Done
Mendeley Training 14-15 Feb Done
Awareness Seminar (Arid Agri Uni) 14th March Done
Mendeley Training 21-22 March Postponed
SPSS Training (three days) 27-29 March Postponed
Seminar on Digital Forensics (1 day) 16/30 March
Faisalabad 1.Workshop Women Entrepreneurship Last week Feb Postponed
2.Workshop By Using Koha Package 06-08 March Done
3. Seminar On “Technical Textiles” At Fcci 15th March
Peshawar 02 days-SPSS Training at Qurtuba University DIK 1-2 Feb Done
Awareness Seminar IPR 27-Feb Done
Seminar on Plagiarism 12 March
Seminar on synopsis writing 20 March
Muzaffarbad Koha Training 14-16,March
Lahore Google Scholar as Researchers Tool Kit 3rd week of February, 2018 Done
Quetta EndNote Citation Tool 15-Feb
SPSS 13-15 March
Karachi PASTIC Awareness Seminar 18-01-18 Done
PASTIC Awareness Seminar 22-01-18 Done
SPSS Training (out Station) 07-02-18 Done
PASTIC Awareness Seminar (Out station) 09-02-18 Done
SPSS Training (two days) 12-02-18 Done
Awareness seminar on Patent 26-02-18 Done
One Day seminar on Synopsis 08-03-18 Done
Workshop on End note & Mendley (Out Station) 22-03-18 Done
Problem Faced by Industries 28-03-18 Done
Seminar on Industry Academia Linkage (Out Station) 31-03-18 Postponed

Annual Training Calendar
2nd Quarter (April-June) 2018

Location Training Title Date Status
National Centre, Islamabad Mendeley Training 11-12 April
Training on Digital Forensics ISB 16-20 April
SPSS Training (three days) 24-26 April
Mendeley Training 20-21 June
SPSS Training (three days) 26-28 June
Faisalabad SPSS Training (two days) 2nd week April 18
Seminar Searching Techniques 2nd week May 18
Peshawar Awareness seminar 10 April
Citation management Endnote Training 24 April
SPSS Training (three days) 9-11 May
Muzaffarbad SPSS Training (three days) 04-06, April
Lahore SPSS training (3 days ) 2nd week of May, 2018.
Quetta Keyword Planning, Searching and citation management: Step toward Quality Research 27/30 April
Karachi SPSS Training (two days) 07 April
Mendeley Training 14 April
PASTIC Awareness Seminar outstation 18 April
Seminar on Plagiarism 08 May
Seminar on synopsis writing 23 May
Awareness Seminar on Breast cancer 02 June
PASTIC Awareness Seminar (outstation) 26 Jine

Annual Training Calendar
3nd Quarter (July-Sept) 2018

Location Training Title Date Status
National Centre, Islamabad Mendeley Training 11-12 July
SPSS Training (three days) 24-26 July
Mendeley Training 29-30 Aug
Training seminar on Digital Forensics Karachi 4 Sep
Awareness Seminar (IIU) 12 Sep
Mendeley Training 19-20 Sep
SPSS Training (three days) 25-27 Sep
Genomics data analyst 9-11 Oct
Faisalabad Awareness seminar 3rd week of June
Mendeley Training 3rd week of July
Peshawar Citation management Endnote Training 18 July
Seminar on synopsis writing 21 Aug
Two days conference on recent trends of bioinformatics 20 Sep
Muzaffarbad SPSS Training (three days) 22-23 August
Lahore Systemic Literature Review Step 3rd week of September
Quetta Awareness seminar (PASTIC Activities) 14 Sep
Karachi SPSS Training 12 July
Koha Training (out station) 23 July
Mendeley Training 06 Aug
PASTIC Awareness Seminar 15 Aug
Seminar on synopsis writing 12 Sep

Annual Training Calendar
4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) 2018

Location Training Title Date Status
National Centre, Islamabad Mendeley Training 17-18 Oct
SPSS Training (three days) 29-31 Oct
Training seminar on Digital Forensics Peshawar 7 Nov
Mendeley Training 14-15 Nov
SPSS Training (three days) 27-29 Nov
Mendeley Training 12-13 Dec
Awareness Seminar (AU/Wah Medical College) 19 Dec
SPSS Training (three days) 25-27 Dec
Faisalabad Seminar on synopsis writing 2nd week of Oct
Searching techniques Training Mid Dec
Peshawar Citation management Endnote Training 18 Oct
Endnote/Mendeley searching techniques Training 15 Nov
Seminar on synopsis writing 19 Dec
Muzaffarbad Citation management Endnote/Mendeley 24-26 October
Lahore How to avoid plagiarism 4th week of November
Quetta SPSS Training (three days) 15-16 Oct
Karachi SPSS Training 09 Oct
Endnote/Mendeley Training 25 Oct
Seminar on Industry Academia Linkages (out station) 14 Nov
Seminar on Plagiarism 17 Dec