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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       Aalam al-zarra: journal of the atomic energy commission of syria
       Aapg bulletin (formerly: american association of petroleum geologists bulletin)
       Aata news letter
       AATC Review ( American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists)
       Abasyn University Journal of Social Sciences
       Abb asea brown boveri
       Ability and Enterprise
       Abstract bulletin of the institute of paper chemistry
       Abstracts of bulgarian scientific literature biology
       Abstracts of bulgarian scientific literature chemistry
       Abstracts of bulgarian scientific literature maths and physical sciences
       Abstracts of bulgarian scientific medical literature
       Abstracts of mycology
       Abstracts of science and technology in japan: agriculture, forestry and fisheries
       Abstracts of science and technology in japan: energy technology
       Abstracts of soviet medical journal
       Abstracts of world medicine
       Abstracts on hygiene
       Abstracts on hygiene and communicable diseases
       Abstracts on tropical agriculture
       Academia economic papers
       Academic Emergency medicine (AEM: an official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine)
       Academic medicine
       Academic Research International
       Academy of management journal
       Acc current journal review
       Accessions list of pakistan
       Accessions list of south asia
       Accis newsletter
       Accountants magazine
       Accounts of chemical research
       Ace articles in civil engineering
       Ach-models in chemistry
       Aci materials journal
       Aci structural journal
       Acm computing survey
       ACM Embernet
       ACM Journal of Computer Documentation
       Acm sigplan notices
       Acm transactions on graphics
       Acm transactions on modeling and computer simulation
       Acp journal club
       Acta Amazonica
       Acta anatomica
       Acta anthropologica sinica
       Acta applicandae mathematicae
       Acta Archaeologica Tomus
       Acta astronautica
       Acta astronomica sinica
       Acta Biochemica Polonica
       Acta biochimica et biophysica sinica
       Acta bio-medica
       Acta botanica sinica
       Acta chemica
       Acta chemica scandinavica
       Acta chemica scandinavica a: physical and inorganic chemistry
       Acta chemica sinica
       Acta crystallographica
       Acta crystallographica a crystal physics diffraction, theoretical and general crystallography
       Acta crystallographica b structural crystallography and crystal chemistry
       Acta crystallographica: sec d: biological crystallography
       Acta cytologica
       Acta electronica
       Acta endocrinologica
       Acta entomologica sinica
       Acta genetica sinica
       Acta geologica sinica
       Acta geophysica sinica
       Acta leidensia
       Acta mathematica sinica
       Acta mechanica
       Acta medica
       Acta medica austriaca
       Acta medica bulgarica
       Acta medica colombiana
       Acta medica enpirica/erfahrungsheilkunde
       Acta metallurgica
       Acta metallurgica sinica
       Acta metallurgica sinica (a)
       Acta metallurgica sinica (b)
       Acta microbiologica sinica
       Acta mineralogica pakistanica
       Acta neurochirurgica
       Acta orthopaedica scandinvica
       Acta otolaryngologica
       Acta paediatrica
       Acta paediatrica japonica
       Acta paediatrica scandinavica
       Acta Pharmaceutica Suecica
       Acta physica et chemica
       Acta physica polonica: a
       Acta physica polonica: b
       Acta physica sinica
       Acta physiologica scandinavica
       Acta phyto taxonomica sinica
       Acta psychiatrica scandinavica
       Acta Radiologica
       Acta scientia sinica
       Acta sericologica sinica
       Acta societatis botanicorum poloniae
       Acta technica academiae scientiarum hungaricae
       Acta Therapeutica
       Acta universitatis caroliae
       Acta urologica japonica
       Acta zoologica sinica
       Adab news
       Administration journal
       Administrative science quarterly
       Adolescent Psychiatry
       Adsorption science and technology
       Advance Synthesis & catalysis
       Advanced imaging
       Advanced manufacturing technology
       Advanced materials
       Advanced materials and processes
       Advanced packaging
       Advances in agricultural research in egypt
       Advances in applied mathematics
       Advances in applied microbiology
       Advances in colloid and interface science
       Advances in nursing science
       Advances in physics
       Advances in psychology
       Advances in special electrometallurgy
       Advances in water resources
       Aea meeting on atomic energy
       Aecl review
       Aeesca journal of engineering education
       Aegis international
       Aeronautical journal (formerly: journal of aeronautical society)
       Aerospace america
       Aerospace america
       Aerospace products
       Africa economic digest
       Africa recovery
       African journal of medicine and medical sciences
       Afro-asian journal of ophthalmology
       Afya a journal of medical and health workers
       Agha khan health services international newsletters
       Agri business
       Agri digest
       Agribusiness worldwide
       Agricultural abstracts
       Agricultural abstracts bulletin
       Agricultural and biological chemistry
       Agricultural and rural development
       Agricultural economics
       Agricultural engineer
       Agricultural engineering
       Agricultural information development bulletin
       Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Afirca and Latin America
       Agricultural research
       Agricultural sciences in china
       Agricultural situation in india
       Agricultural systems
       Agricultural water management
       Agriculture ecosystem and environment
       Agriculture forestry and fisheries finance
       Agriculture pakistan
       agro links
       Agro veterinary news
       Agrochemical and radius news letter
       Agroforestry abstracts
       Agroforestry systems an international journal
       Agronomia tropical
       Agronomy journal
       AHA coding clinic for ICD-9-CM
       Aiaa bulletin
       Aiaa journal (formerly: journal of the royal aeronautical society)
       Aibs bulletin
       Aiche journal
       Aid research and development abstracts
       Air craft engineering
       Air defence digest
       Air safety
       Ajr (american journal of roentgenology)
       Akhbar e tib
       Akhbar e urdu
       Aldri chemica acta
       Al-farooq: new approach to journalism
       Algal Flora of Korea
       All pakistan legal decisions
       Alloys index
       Aluminium industry abstracts
       Ama: agricultural mechanization in asia, africa and latin america
       Ambio: a journal of the human environment
       American anthropologist
       American Antiquity
       American Archivist
       American Association of Textile chists & colorists
       American bee journal
       American behavioral scientist
       American ceramic society bulletin
       American dyestuff reporter
       American economic review
       American economist
       American Ethnologist
       American family physician
       American heart journal
       American history and Life
       American History review
       American Journal of Agricultural Economics
       American journal of anatomy
       American Journal of Archaeology
       American journal of botany
       American journal of botany
       American journal of cardiology
       American journal of chinese medicine
       American journal of clinical nutrition
       American journal of clinical pathology
       American journal of critical care
       American journal of dermatopathology
       American journal of diseases of children
       American journal of economics and sociology
       American journal of education
       American journal of epidemiology
       American journal of gastroenterology
       American journal of hematology
       American journal of hospice and palliative medicine (ajhpm)
       American journal of human biology
       American journal of human genetics
       American journal of international law
       American journal of islamic social sciences
       American journal of kidney diseases
       American journal of managed care
       American journal of mathematics
       American journal of medical technology
       American journal of medicine
       American journal of neuroradiology
       American journal of nursing
       American journal of obstetrics and gynecology
       American journal of ophthalmology
       American journal of orthopsychiatry
       American journal of otolaryngology
       American journal of otology
       American journal of pathology
       American journal of pharmacology
       American journal of pharmacy
       American Journal of Physical Anthropolgy
       American journal of physics
       American journal of physiology
       American journal of potato research
       American journal of primatology
       American journal of psychiatry
       American journal of psychology
       American journal of public health
       American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine
       American journal of rhinology
       American journal of roentgenology
       American journal of roentgenology and radium therapy
       American journal of sociology
       American journal of surgery
       American journal of surgical pathology
       American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
       American journal of veterinary research
       American machinist
       American machinist and automated manufacturing
       American mathematical monthly
       American mineralogist
       American naturalist
       American oil chemists society journal
       American physical society bulletin
       American Quarterly
       American scientist
       American society for testing and materials
       American Society of Agriculture Engineering Transaction
       American sociological review
       American statistician
       American zoologist
       Amli science (urdu)
       Anaesthesia and analgesia
       Anaesthesia and intensive care
       Anaesthesia, Pain and Intensive Care
       Anaesthesiology clinics of north america
       Anales del instituto barraquer
       Analytica chemica acta
       Analytical abstracts
       Analytical biochemistry
       Analytical chemistry (formerly: industrial and engineering chemistry analytical edition)
       Analytical letters
       Analytical proceedings
       Analytical Science and Technology
       Anatomia clinica
       Anatomy and embryology
       Anesthesia and analygesia
       Angewandte chemie
       Animal behaviour
       Animal breeding abstracts
       Animal reproduction science
       Animal research and development
       Annales academe scientiarum fennicae a: physica
       Annales de geographie
       Annales de geophysique
       Annales de physique
       Annals of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and karachi medical & dental college
       Annals of arid zone
       Annals of association of american geographers
       Annals of bangladesh agriculture
       Annals of botany
       Annals of clinical biochemistry
       Annals of community oriented education
       Annals of emergency medicine
       Annals of human genetics
       Annals of internal medicine
       Annals of King Edward Medical University
       Annals of Library and Information Studies
       Annals of library science and documentation
       Annals of medicine (formerly: annales of clinical research)
       Annals of neurology
       Annals of nuclear energy (formerly: journal of nuclear energy)
       Annals of otology rhinology laryngology
       Annals of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
       Annals of physics
       Annals of rheumatic diseases
       Annals of royal college of surgeons of england
       Annals of saudi medicine
       Annals of statistics (formerly: annals of mathematical statistics)
       Annals of surgery
       Annals of the icrp
       Annals of the royal college of physicians and surgeons
       Annals of the royal college of surgeons of edinburgh
       Annals of thoracic surgery
       Annals of Thoracid Medicine
       Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology
       Annals of tropical paediatrics
       Annual geomagnetic bulletin
       Annual report
       Annual reports
       Annual review of biochemistry
       Annual review of entomology
       Annual review of plant physiology and plant moleculer biology
       anti Cancer Agent in Medicinal Chemistry
       Anti Infective Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
       Anti Inflammatory & Anti Allergy Agents In Medicinal Chemistry
       Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy
       Aorn journal
       Apo news
       Applied and environmental microbiology (formerly: applied microbiology)
       Applied biochemistry and microbiology
       Applied Computing Review
       Applied ecology abstracts
       Applied economics
       Applied health physics abstracts and notes
       Applied laser technology
       Applied linguistics
       Applied mathematical modelling
       Applied mathematics and mechanics
       Applied mechanics reviews
       Applied Microbiology
       Applied numerical mathematics
       Applied nursing research
       Applied optics
       Applied physics
       Applied physics b: lasers & optics
       Applied physics b: photo physics and laser chemistry
       Applied physics letters
       Applied plastics and reinforced plastics review
       Applied radiation and isotopes (formerly: international journal of applied radiation and isotopes)
       Applied radiology
       Applied science and technology
       Applied scientific research
       Applied signal processing
       Applied solar energy
       Applied spectroscopy
       Applied surface science
       Appropriate technology
       Aps news: american physical society news
       Aquaculture news
       Arab gulf journal of scientific research
       Arabian journal for science and engineering
       Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (Section A: Sciences)
       Aramco world magazine
       Archeng: a journal of architects and engineers
       Archi times: world news of architectures
       Architectural design
       Architectural digest: (the international magazine of interior design and architecture)
       Architectural periodicals index
       Architectural record
       Architectural review
       Architecture + design
       Architecture plus
       Architecture plus interiors
       Archive of pathology and medicine
       Archives de neurobiologia
       Archives in Pharmacal Research
       Archives of biochemistry and biophysics
       Archives of dermatology and syphilology
       Archives of diseases in childhood
       Archives of endrology
       Archives of environmental health
       Archives of family medicine
       Archives of general psychiatry
       Archives of internal medicine
       Archives of Iranian Medicine
       Archives of mechanics
       Archives of medical research
       Archives of microbiology
       Archives of neurology
       Archives of ophthalmology
       Archives of otolaryngology
       Archives of otolaryngology head and neck surgery
       Archives of pathology and laboratory medicine
       Archives of pediatrics and adolescent medicine
       Archives of surgery
       Archivio Trentino Di Storia Contemporanea
       Armada international
       Armour news bulletin
       Arms control today
       Art and antiques
       Artha vijnana
       Arthritis and rheumatism
       Arthritis Care & Research
       Artificial intelligence
       Arts and humanities in higher education
       Asae agricultural engineering
       ASBMB Today
       Asce journal of engineering mechanics
       Asce journal of hydraulic engineering
       Asce proceedings journal of water resources planning and management
       Asce: journal of architectural engineering
       Asce: journal of structural engineering
       Ashrae journal
       Asia Oceania Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
       Asia pacific development journal
       Asia pacific environment
       Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
       Asia pacific perspectives: japan
       Asia pacific population journal
       Asia pacific technology digest
       Asia week
       Asian Affairs
       Asian agribusiness
       Asian agriculture
       Asian australian journal of animal sciences
       Asian computer monthly
       Asian development review
       Asian economic journal
       Asian economic review
       Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development
       Asian Journal of chemistry
       Asian Journal of Plant Sciences
       Asian medical journal
       Asian medical news (hong kong)
       Asian medical news karachi
       Asian pacific population programme news
       Asian perspectives
       Asian recorder
       Asian seed planting material
       Asian sources computer products
       Asian sources electronics
       Asian survey
       Asian textile business
       asian textile Business International
       Asia-pacific journal of chemical engineering
       Aslib information
       Aslib proceedings
       Assesment in education
       Assignment children (unicef)
       Association of medical doctors for asia
       Astm standardization news
       Astronautica acta
       Astronautics and aeronautics
       Astronautics and aerospace engineering
       Astronomical journal
       Astrophysical journal
       Astrophysical letters and communications (formerly: astrophysical letters)
       Astrophysical physics
       Atmospheric environment
       Atomic data and nuclear data tables (formerly: nuclear data tables)
       Atomic energy in australia (formerly: atomic energy)
       Atomic energy review
       Atomic spectroscopy (formerly: atomic absorption newsletter)
       Atomkernenergie /kerntechnik (formerly: kerntechnik atompraxis)
       Atomwirtschaft atom technik
       Atoomenergie enharr toepassingen
       Aussen politick - german foreign affairs review
       Australian and new zealand journal of obstetrics and gynaecology
       Australian chemical engineering
       Australian Computer Journal
       Australian economic papers
       Australian Geographical Studies
       Australian Historical Studies
       Australian journal of agricultural research
       Australian journal of biological sciences
       Australian journal of botany
       Australian journal of chemistry
       Australian journal of experimental agriculture
       Australian journal of marine and freshwater research
       Australian journal of pharmacy
       Australian journal of physics
       Australian Journal of Public Administration
       Australian journal of soil research
       Australian journal of zoology
       Australian mining
       Australian science and technology newsletter
       Auto industry
       Autodesk news
       Automation and remote control
       Automotive design and production
       Automotive engineer
       Automotive engineering international
       Automotive intustries
       Automotive testing technology international
       Avian diseases
       Aviation space and environmental medicine
       Aviation week and space technology
       Awhonn lifelines