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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       E and P: a hart energy publication
       E. scientific instruments
       Ear nose and throat journal
       Early human development
       Earth and planetary science letters
       Earth science reviews
       Earthquake prediction research
       Earthquakes engineering and structural dynamics
       East african medical journal
       East and west 1951
       East asian review
       Eastern mediterranean health journal
       Eastern mediterranean region drugs digest
       Eastern mediterranean region epidemiology bulletin
       E-business advisor
       Econometric theory
       Economia internazionale
       Economic affairs
       Economic and financial review
       Economic Bulletin
       Economic development and cultural change
       Economic development quarterly
       Economic digest
       Economic forecasts
       Economic geography
       Economic geology
       Economic inquiry (formerly: western economic journal)
       Economic journal
       Economic modelling
       Economic outlook
       Economic quarterly
       Economic record
       Economic review
       Economic systems research
       Economics of education review
       Economics: journal of the economic association
       Ecotoxicology and environmental safety
       Edn (electronic design news)
       Education and training
       Education equipment
       Education for health
       Education in asia and pacific
       Education in chemistry
       Educational and psychological measurement
       Educational innovation and information
       Educational leadership
       Educational studies in mathematics
       EE times
       Egyptian journal of agricultural research
       Egyptian journal of desert research
       Electrical and electronics abstracts
       Electrical communication
       Electrical contractor
       Electrical engineer
       Electrical engineering
       Electrical power engineers
       Electrical products
       Electrical review
       Electrical world
       Electro medica
       Electro optics
       Electrochemica acta
       Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology
       Electronic and radio engineer
       Electronic applications components and materials
       Electronic business
       Electronic components
       Electronic components and applications
       Electronic design
       Electronic engineering
       Electronic letters
       Electronic packaging and production
       Electronic product news
       Electronic production
       Electronic technology
       Electronics & beyond
       Electronics (formerly: electronics weekly)
       Electronics and communication engineering journal
       Electronics digest
       Electronics information and planning
       Electronics international
       Electronics products
       Elektor electronics
       Elmac journal
       ELS Digest of environmental impact statements
       Elt journal
       Embo journal (european molecular biology organization)
       EMBO Report
       Emergency medicine
       Emergency medicine clinics of north america
       Emerging infectious diseases
       Emirates Journal of Food & Agriculture
       Emirates medical journal
       Emperical economics
       Endocrine practice
       Endocrine reviews
       Endocrinology and metabolism clinics of north america
       Energy & automation
       Energy and fuels
       Energy conversion and management
       Energy Economics
       Energy news
       Energy research abstracts
       Energy update
       Engineering & automation
       Engineering analysis
       Engineering analysis with boundary elements
       Engineering and architecture
       Engineering and technology
       Engineering computers
       Engineering cybernetics
       Engineering design
       Engineering distributors
       Engineering economist
       Engineering fracture mechanics
       Engineering geology
       Engineering horizons
       Engineering in medicine
       Engineering index annual
       Engineering journal
       Engineering management journal
       Engineering materials and design
       Engineering news
       Engineering news records
       Engineering review
       Engineering today
       Engineering with computers: international journal for computer aided mechanical and structural engineering
       English teaching forum
       Enr (engineering news record)
       Entomological review
       Entomology abstracts
       Environ Monitor
       Environment and development economics
       Environment and planning a
       Environment and planning b
       Environment and planning: (C)
       Environment and planning: (D)
       Environment management abstracts
       Environmental biology of fishes
       Environmental Chemistry
       Environmental engineering world
       Environmental entomology
       Environmental health perspectives
       Environmental pollution
       Environmental review
       Environmental sanitation abstracts
       Environmental science and technology
       Environmental toxicology and pharmacology
       Eos: transaction - american geophysical union
       EPE: Everyday practical electronics
       Epidemiologic reviews
       Epidemiology and infection
       Episodes international geoscience news magazine
       Ergonomics in design
       ESCULAPIO Journal of services institute of medical sciences
       Essays in criticism
       Eukaryotic Cell
       Euromicro journal
       European economic review
       European heart journal
       European journal of applied mathematics
       European journal of biochemistry
       European Journal of Cell Biology
       European journal of clinical nutrition
       European journal of development research
       European journal of endocrinology
       European Journal of Marketing
       European journal of nuclear medicine
       European journal of operational research
       European journal of pediatrics
       European journal of pharmacology
       European journal of soil science (formerly: journal of soil science)
       European polymer journal
       European respiratory journal
       European review of agricultural economics
       European urology
       Everyday with practical electronics
       Evidence-based medicine
       Excerpta medica
       Excerpta medica cancer
       Excerpta medica gastroenterology
       Excerpta medica obstetrics and gynecology
       Experimental cell research
       Experimental eye research
       Experimental mechanics
       Experimental parasitology
       Expert systems with applications, an international journal
       Eye: An international Bimonthly Journal of Ophthalmology