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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       S/v sound & vibration
       Saarc expeditions
       Saarc journal of agriculture
       SAARC Journal of Human Resource Development
       Saarc newsletter
       Saic newsletter
       Sankhya indian journal of statistics series a
       Sarhad Journal of Agriculture
       Saudi journal of gastroenterology
       Saudi journal of kidney diseases and transplantation
       Saudi kidney disease and transplantation bulletin
       Saudi medical journal
       Saudi pharmaceutical journal
       Sauni news
       Savings and development
       Scala international
       Scandinavian journal of economics (formerly: swedish j of economics)
       Scandinavian journal of immunology
       Science and development
       Science and energy newsletter (formerly: science newsletter)
       Science and industry
       Science and society
       Science and technology in japan
       Science and technology in the islamic world
       Science and technology review
       Science bachon ke liay
       Science chronicle
       Science forum
       Science in china: a (formerly: scientia sinica)
       Science International
       Science international newsletter
       Science news
       Science of the total environment
       Science progress
       Science research abstracts b
       Science teacher
       Science Vision
       Science, Technology and Development
       Scientia Iranica
       Scientia sinica
       Scientific american
       Scientific american medicine
       Scientific american surgery
       Scientific information bulletin
       Scientific khyber
       Scientific research
       Scientific Sindh
       Scientist (Pakistan association scientist and scientific professional)
       Scotish journal of political economy
       Scotish medical journal
       Scripta materialia (formerly: scripta metallurgica et materialia)
       Sdpi news and research bulletin
       SDPI,Population and Environment
       Search: Science, Technology and Society
       Seed and plants: journal of agricultural research
       Seed news
       Seed research
       Seismological research letters
       Selected water resources abstracts
       Semiconductor international
       Semiconductor news
       Semiconductor science and technology
       Seminars in diagnostic pathology
       Seminars in hematology
       Seminars in nephrology
       Seminars in neurology
       Seminars in nuclear medicine
       Seminars in oncology
       Seminars in ultrasound ct and mri
       Separation science and purification methods
       Separation science and technology
       Sexually transmitted diseases
       Siam journal on numerical analysis
       Siam review
       Siemens electro medica
       Siemens review
       Sigchi bulletin
       Simulation digest
       Sindh balochistan journal of plant sciences
       Sindh journal of agricultural research
       Sindh University Journal of Education
       Sindh University Research Journal
       Sindh zarrat
       Sindh ziraat nama
       Sindhological studies
       Singapore economic review (formerly: malayan economic review)
       Singapore medical journal
       Sky and telescope
       Social biology
       Social forces
       Social Research
       Social science
       Software Engineering Notes
       Software practice and experience
       Software practice express
       Soil & Environment
       Soil association
       Soil biology and biochemistry
       Soil conservation
       Soil newsletter
       Soil science
       Soil science and plant nutrition
       Soil science society of america journal
       Soils and foundations
       Soils and tillage research
       Solar cells
       Solar energy
       Solar physics
       Solid state abstracts journal
       Solid state communications
       Solid state electronics
       Solid state technology (formerly: semiconductor products and sold state technology)
       Solvent extraction and ion exchange
       Sonoace International:Ultrasound Clinical magazine from medison
       South africa
       South african journal of economics
       South asia bulletin
       South asian anthropologist
       South asian journal
       South asian review
       South Asian Studies
       South pacific study
       Southeast asian journal of tropical medicine and public health
       Southern medical journal
       Soviet atomic energy (formerly: soviet journal of atomic energy)
       Soviet electro chemistry
       Soviet export
       Soviet journal of glass physics and chemistry
       Soviet journal of marine biology
       Soviet journal of nuclear physics
       Soviet journal of quantum electronics
       Soviet physics :semiconductors
       Soviet physics- acoustics
       Soviet physics- crystallography
       Soviet physics- doklady
       Soviet physics- jetp
       Soviet physics: solid state
       Soviet physics-technical physics
       Soviet physics-uspekhi
       Soviet radiochemistry
       Soviet soil science
       Soviet technical physics letters
       Space aeronautics
       Space horizons
       Space science reviews
       Special libraries
       Spectrochemica acta (a): molecular spectroscopy
       Spectrochimica acta: b: atomic spectroscopy
       Spectroscopy Asia
       Spectroscopy europe
       Spectroscopy letters
       Spectrum: british science news
       Spotlight: news views and innovation in education and science
       Sri lanka economic journal
       sri lanka journal of tea science (formerly: tea quartelry)
       Sri lanka science index
       Stain technology
       Star scientific and technical aerospace reports
       Statistical bulletin
       Statistical indicators for asia and the pacific
       Statistical sciences
       Steel today and tomorrow
       Strategic Studies
       Structural engineering and mechanics
       Structural engineering international
       Studies in applied mathematics
       Studies in family planning
       Studies of history of medicine & science
       Study of the tuche idea tokyo japan
       Sugar industry abstracts
       Sugar y azucar
       Sultan qaboos university medical journal
       Suparco times
       Surface and coatings technology
       Surface coatings industrial finishing and their applications
       Surface science
       Surgeons news
       Surgery gynaecology and obstetrics
       Surgery international
       Surgical clinics of north america
       Surgical express
       Surgical neurology
       Surgical oncology clinics of north america
       Surgimed Medical and Dental Journal
       Survey methodology
       Survey of current affairs
       Survey of ophthalmology
       Surveys in geophysics
       Symposia of faraday society
       Synopsis of swedish building research
       Synthesis & reactivity in inorganic & metal-organic chemistry
       Synthetic communications