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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       C and ca library translation
       C/c++ users journal
       Cad desk (the independent guide to auto cad systems and software)
       Cad user
       Calcutta medical journal
       California agriculture
       Cambridge journal of economics
       Canadian critical care nursing journal
       Canadian family physician
       Canadian geographer
       Canadian geotechnical journal
       Canadian journal of agricultural economics
       Canadian journal of biochemistry and cell biology
       Canadian journal of botany
       Canadian journal of chemical engineering
       Canadian journal of chemistry
       Canadian journal of civil engineering
       Canadian journal of diagnosis
       Canadian journal of earth sciences
       Canadian journal of economics
       Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences
       Canadian journal of forest research
       Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology
       Canadian journal of mathematics
       Canadian journal of medical radiation technology
       Canadian journal of microbiology
       Canadian journal of nursing research
       Canadian journal of physics
       Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology
       Canadian journal of plant science
       Canadian journal of psychiatric nursing
       Canadian journal of public health
       Canadian journal of remote sensing
       Canadian journal of research
       Canadian journal of surgery
       Canadian journal of zoology
       Canadian medical association journal
       Canadian medical association journal (cmaj)
       Canadian metallurgical
       Canadian nuclear technology
       Canadian nurse
       Cancer and metastasis reviews
       Cancer biochemistry biophysics
       Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology
       Cancer cytopathology
       Cancer forum
       Cancer genetics and cytogenetics
       Cancer journal for clinicians
       Cancer nursing
       Cancer research
       Cancer therapy abstracts
       Cancer treatment report
       Cancer treatment reviews
       Capri documentation
       Carbonates and Evaporites
       Cardiology clinics
       Cardiovascular and Hematological Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
       Cardiovascular and Hematological Disorders Drug Targets
       Cardiovascular clinics
       Cardiovascular research
       Casting plant and technology
       Catholic Worker
       Cdb news (caribbean development bank)
       Cell and tissue research
       Cell Death and Differeniation
       Cellulose chemistry and technology
       Central african journal of medicine
       Central asiatic journal
       Central Nervous Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
       Centre for overseas pest research
       Ceramic abstracts
       Ceramic engineering and science proceedings
       Ceramics international
       Cereal chemistry
       Cereal Food World
       Cereal research communications
       Cern courier
       Ceylon journal of science
       Cfd news (computational fluid dynamics)
       Chang gung medical journal
       Chartered mechanical engineer
       Chartered surveyor
       Chemica scripta
       Chemical abstracts
       Chemical abstracts: applied chemistry and chemical engineering section
       Chemical abstracts: biochemistry section
       Chemical abstracts: organic chemistry section
       Chemical abstracts: physical and analytical chemistry section
       Chemical and engineering news
       Chemical and petrochemical news
       Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin
       Chemical and process engineer
       Chemical Biology and Drug Design
       Chemical communications
       Chemical engineering
       Chemical engineering and technology
       Chemical engineering progress
       Chemical engineering science
       Chemical geology
       Chemical horizons
       Chemical innovation (formerly: chemtech)
       Chemical instrumentation
       Chemical news
       Chemical physics
       Chemical physics letters
       Chemical processing
       Chemical reviews
       Chemical society annual report on the progress of chemistry
       Chemical society annual reviews
       Chemical society reviews
       Chemical titles
       Chemical week
       Chemie in unserer zeit
       Chemische berichte
       Chemist and druggist
       Chemistry and Biodiversity
       Chemistry and industry
       Chemistry in britain
       Chemistry in canada
       Chemistry International
       Chemistry international: the new magazine of the iupac
       Chemistry letters
       Chemistry of materials
       Chemistry of natural compounds
       Chemistry World
       Chemistry: A European Journal
       Chemists review
       Chemtech: the innovator's magazine
       Child development
       Children hospital complex multan
       Child's nervous system
       Chilton's iandcs (formerly: instruments and control systems)
       China medical abstracts
       China pictorial
       China reconstructs
       China science and technology abstracts
       China science and technology newsletters
       China's medicine
       Chinese economic studies
       Chinese journal of nuclear physics
       Chinese journal of nuclear science and engineering
       Chinese medical journal
       Chinese physics
       Choices, human development magazine (undp)
       Christian medical college vellore alumni journal
       Chromatography Abstracts
       Chulalongkorn medical journal
       Ciencia interamericana
       Cim bulletin (canadian mining and metallurgical bulletin)
       Circuit world
       Circuits assembly: the magazine for surface-mount and board-level assembly
       Circuits manufacturing
       Circulation research
       Cisti news
       Civil engineering
       Civil engineering and public works reviews
       Civil engineering consulting engineer
       Cleveland clinic journal of medicine
       Clinical and experimental allergy
       Clinical biochemistry
       Clinical cancer research
       Clinical chemistry
       Clinical chemistry & laboratory medicine
       Clinical endocrinology
       Clinical Genetics
       Clinical immunology and immunopathology
       Clinical infectious diseases
       Clinical Lab
       Clinical microbiology review
       Clinical nephrology
       Clinical Neuropharmacology
       Clinical neurophysiology
       Clinical notes on respiratory diseases
       Clinical pediatrics
       Clinical pharmacokinetics
       Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
       Clinical physics and physiological measurement
       Clinical psychologist
       Clinical radiology: journal of royal college of radiologist
       Clinical research
       Clinical rheumatology
       Clinical science
       Clinical signs in ophthalmology
       Clinical symposia
       Clinical trails journal
       Clinics in chest medicine
       Clinics in endocrinology and metabolism
       Clinics in geriatric medicine
       Clinics in haematology
       Clinics in perinatology
       Clinics in plastic surgery
       Clinics in sports medicine
       Clothing and Textile Research Journal
       Collection of czechoslovak chemical communications
       College and research libraries
       Colloid and polymer science
       Colloid journal of the ussr
       Colloids and surfaces
       Colombo plan staff college for technician education newsletter
       Color engineering
       Colorado school mines
       Coloration technology (formerly: journal of the society of dyers and colourists)
       Columbia Journal of World Business
       Com siemens magazine of computers and communication
       Combinatoral Chemistry and High Throghput Screening
       Combustion and flame
       Combustion explosion and shock waves
       Combustion science & technology
       Commerce and economic review
       Commercial news
       Commercial news bulletin
       Commercial space report
       Communications in mathematical physics
       Communications of the acm
       Communications of the association for computing machinery
       Community development journal
       Community medicine
       Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B
       Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology C
       Comparative biochemistry and physiology: a comparative physiology
       Comparative studies
       Competitor: Current World Affairs
       Components in electronics
       Compressed air
       Computational intelligence
       Computational mechanics
       Computer abstracts
       Computer aided engineering journal
       Computer aided geometric design
       Computer and automation
       Computer and control abstracts
       Computer bulletin
       Computer communications
       Computer design
       Computer graphics forum
       Computer journal
       Computer language
       Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering
       Computer modeling and simulation in engineering
       Computer network
       Computer news
       Computer physics communications
       Computer physics reports
       Computer product news
       Computer review
       Computer user
       Computer user magazine
       Computer weekly
       Computer world
       Computer world international
       Computers and biomedical research
       Computers and chemistry: an international journal
       Computers and concrete: an international journal
       Computers and electrical engineering
       Computers and electronics (formerly: popular electronics)
       Computers and fluids
       Computers and geosciences: an international journal
       Computers and graphics
       Computers and mathematics with applications
       Computers and operational research
       Computers and structures
       Computers in mechanical engineering
       Computers in physics
       Computing and control engineering journal
       Computing in science & engineering
       Computing journal abstracts
       Computing reviews
       Computing systems in engineering: an international journal
       Comstech news
       Comstech technology window
       Concise international chemical assessment document
       Concrete and constructional engineering
       Concrete international design and construction
       Concrete international: magazine of the american concrete institute
       Congressional quarterly almanac
       Connector specifier
       Conservation biology
       Construction management and economics
       Contemporary physics
       Contemporary obstetrics/gynaecology
       Contemporary physics
       Contemporary sociology
       Contemporary southeast asia
       Contents of current journals
       Contribution to Indian Socialogy
       Control and instrumentation
       Control de publicidad y ventas
       Control engineering
       Control systems
       Cooperation south
       Coordination chemistry reviews
       Cord (The)
       Corrosion abstracts
       Corrosion science protection technology
       Cospar information bulletin
       Cotton growing review
       Cotton review
       Cotton review of world situation
       Crerar metals abstracts
       Cri abstracts
       Critical care clinics
       Critical care medicine
       Critical care nurse
       Critical care nursing clinics of north america
       Critical reviews in biochemistry & molecular biology
       Croatian medical journal
       Crop protection courier
       Crop sciences
       Crops and soil magazine
       Crops area production
       Csa neurosciences abstracts
       Csiro industrial research news
       Culture medicine and psychiatry
       Current abstracts of chemistry and index chemicus
       Current Aging Science
       Current agro technology
       Current Alzheimer research
       Current Analytical Chemistry
       Current anthropology
       Current Bioactive Compounds
       Current Biology
       Current cancer Drug Targets
       Current Cancer Therapy Reviews
       Current Chemical Biology
       Current chemical reactions
       Current Clinical Pharmacvology
       Current contents
       Current contents: agriculture, biology and environmental sciences
       Current contents: biological sciences
       Current contents: clinical medicine
       Current contents: clinical practice
       Current contents: engineering technology and applied sciences
       Current contents: life sciences
       Current contents: social and behavioral sciences
       Current Drug Delivery
       Current Drug Discovery Technologies
       Current Drug Metabolism
       Current Drug Safety
       Current Drug Targets
       Current Drug Targets: Infection Disorders
       Current Drug Targets: Inflammation & Allergy
       Current Gene Therapy
       Current Genomics
       Current geographical publications
       Current history
       Current HIV Research
       Current Hypertension Reviews
       Current list of medical literature
       Current literature on science of science
       Current mathematical publications (formerly: contents of contemporary mathematical journal)
       Current Medical Imaging Reviews
       Current medical research and opinion
       current Medicinal Chemistry
       Current microbiology
       Current Molecular Medicine
       Current Nano Science
       Current Neuropharmacology
       Current notes on international affairs
       Current Nutrition and Food Sciences
       Current Opinion in Biotechnology
       current opinion in cardiology
       Current opinion in cell biology
       Current opinion in infectious diseases
       Current opinion in nephrology and hypertension
       Current opinion in obstetrics and gynecology
       Current opinion in psychiatry
       Current Opinion in Structural Biology
       Current organic chemistry
       Current orthopaedics
       Current paediatrics
       current Pediatric Reviews
       Current Pharmaceutical Analysis
       Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
       Current Pharmaceutical Design
       Current Pharmacogenomics
       Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine
       Current problems in surgery
       Current Protein & Peptide Science
       current Psychiatry Reviews
       Current Radiopharmaceuticals
       Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews
       Current Rheumatology Reviews
       Current science
       Current sociology
       Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy
       Current technology index
       Current titles in turkish science: scientific publications ser b
       Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
       Current Women Health Reviews
       Cutting edge
       Cytogenetics and cell genetics
       Cytometry (part a)