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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       Oak ridge national laboratory review
       Obstetrical and gynecological survey
       Obstetrician & gynaecologist
       Obstetrics and gynaecology
       Obstetrics and gynaecology clinics of north america
       Occupational and environmental medicine
       Ocean industry
       Oceanographic abstracts and bibliography (deep-sea research)
       Official bulletin: series-a
       Official bulletin: series-b
       Official bulletin: series-c
       Oil and gas journal
       Oman medical journal
       On line journal of biological sciences
       Oops Messenger
       Operational Research Quarterly
       Operations research
       Optical and quantum electronics
       Optical engineering
       Optics and lasers in engineering
       Optics and photonics news
       Optics and spectroscopy
       Optics communications
       Optics letters
       Optics news
       Opto electronics
       Orangi pilot project
       Organic Letters
       Organic magnetic resonance
       Organic mass spectrometry
       Organic process Research and Development
       Organometallic chemistry review
       Orthopaedic clinics of north america
       Osaka city medical journal
       Ostomy International
       Otolaryngologic clinics of north america
       Otolaryngology: head and neck surgery
       oulooks on pest management
       Our planet
       Oxford bulletin of economics and statistics
       Oxford economic papers
       Oxford review of economic policy
       Oxidation of metals