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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       Talanta (international journal of pure and applied analytical chemistry)
       Talimi zaviey
       Tax forum
       Tech shelf
       Technical book review index
       Technical bulletin
       Technical cooperation: a monthly bibliography
       Technical Journal
       Technical physics (formerly: soviet physics technical physics)
       Technical review
       Technicka knihovna
       Techno japan
       Techno times: a journal for technocrats
       Technology Force: Journal of Engineering and Science
       Technology index for plasma physics research and fusion reactors
       Technology information
       Technology information on water resources
       Technology journal
       Technology reporter
       Technology review
       Technology window
       Telecommunication and radio engineering
       Telecommunication journal
       Tellus a: dynamic meteorology and oceanography
       Tellus b: chemical and physical meteorology
       Term net news
       Tetrahedron asymmetry
       Tetrahedron letters
       Texas medicine
       Textil Praxis International
       Textile asia
       Textile chemists and colorist and american dyestuff reporter
       Textile institute and industry
       Textile institute journal
       Textile Master
       Textile monthly
       Textile progress
       Textile research journal
       Textile technology digest
       Textile Technology International
       Textile Today
       Textile Trends
       Textile world
       The American Journal of Surgery
       The British Journal of Monthly Surgery
       The Economist
       The Gynaecologist
       The International Journal of Environmental studies
       The International Journal of Mineral Resources Engineering
       The Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
       The Journal of Islamic International Medical College
       The Journal of laryngology & Otology
       The Journal of Pakistan Academy of Ophthalmology
       The Journal of the American Medical Association
       The Middle East Journal of Emergency Medicine
       The Mother and Child Care
       The New Iraqi Journal of Medicine
       The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
       The Otolyrangologic Clinics of North America
       The Professional Medical Journal
       The Radiologic Clinics of North America
       The Saudi Dental Journal
       Theoretica chemica acta
       Theoretical & experimental chemistry
       Theoretical and applied genetics
       Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics
       Theoretical chemical engineering abstracts
       Theory of probability and its applications
       Therapeutic drug monitoring
       Therapeutic notes
       Thermal analysis abstracts
       Thermal engineering
       Third world quarterly
       Thrombosis and haemostasis
       Thrombosis research
       Tiger papers
       Time higher education supplement
       Time magzine
       Time review of industry and technology
       Tinbergen institute research bulletin
       Toxicology and applied pharmacology
       Trade and industry
       Trade chronicle
       Trade journal
       Traffic engineering control
       Transactions of american geophysical union
       Transactions of american institute of chemical engineers
       Transactions of american mathematical society
       Transactions of american microscopical society
       Transactions of american nuclear society
       Transactions of american society of agricultural engineers
       Transactions of asme a journal of engineering for power
       Transactions of asme b journal of engineering for industry
       Transactions of asme c journal of heat transfer
       Transactions of asme d journal of basic engineering
       Transactions of asme e journal of applied mechanics
       Transactions of asme f journal of lubrication technology
       Transactions of asme g journal of dynamic systems measurement and control
       Transactions of asme h journal of materials and technology
       Transactions of asme i journal of fluids engineering
       Transactions of asme j journal of pressure vessel technology
       Transactions of asme: journal of biomechanical engineering
       Transactions of asme: journal of engineering for gas turbine and power
       Transactions of asme: journal of mechanical design
       Transactions of asme: journal of solar energy engineering
       Transactions of asme: journal of vibration, acoustics, stress and reliability in design
       Transactions of british ceramic society
       Transactions of institution of chemical engineers engineering research and design
       Transactions of japan institute of metals (title changed as "materials transactions, jim")
       Transactions of japan society of mechanical engineers
       Transactions of metallurgical society of aime
       Transactions of royal society of tropical medicine and hygiene
       Transactions of saest (society for advancement of electrochemical science and technology)
       Transactions of society of rhenology
       Transactions of the asme: journal of computing and information science in engineering
       Transctions of the faraday society
       Transfusion medicine
       Translational corporations
       Transportation engineering journal of asce
       Trends in biochemical sciences
       Trends in biotechnology
       Trends in genetics
       Trends in neurosciences
       Trends in pharmacological sciences
       Trends in plant science
       Tropical abstracts
       Tropical diseases bulletin
       Tropical doctor
       Tropical medicine and international health
       Tropical science
       Tubercle and lung disease
       Tudomanyszervezesi tajekoztato
       Turkish journal of chemistry
       Turkish journal of medical and biological research
       Turkish journal of nuclear science
       Turkish journal of pediatrics
       Turkiye jeoloji bultani (geological bulletin of turkey)