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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       N journal
       Nano structured materials
       National defence
       National Defence University Journal
       National Development and Security
       National development asia (formerly: national development)
       National documentation centre newsletter
       National food review
       National geographic
       National health
       National medical journal of china
       National medical journal of india
       National tax journal
       Natura (wwf) newsletter
       Natural history
       Natural Product Communications
       Natural product letters
       Natural product reports
       Natural Product Research
       Natural resources and development
       Nature and resources (unesco)
       Nature biotechnology (formerly: biotechnology)
       Nature Chemistry
       Nature genetics
       Nature Materials
       Nature medicine
       Nature Reviews:Cancer
       Nature Reviews:Drug Discovery
       Nature Reviews:Genetics
       Nature Reviews:Immunology
       Nature Reviews:Microbiology
       Nature Reviews:Molecular Cell Biology
       Nature Reviews:Neuroscience
       Nature Structural & Molecular Biology
       Nature:Chemical Biology
       Naunyn schmiedebergs archives of pharmacology
       Ncs bulletin
       Ncs jerida
       Ndc newsletter
       Nec research and development
       NED University Journal of Research
       Ned varsity news
       Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation (ndt)
       Netherlandss journal of agricultural science
       Netherlandss journal of sociology
       Network: family health international
       Networks drug bulletin
       Neural Computation
       Neuro sciences
       Neuroanatomy:an annual interdisciplinary of Neuroanatomy
       Neurologic clinics
       Neurological research
       Neurology india
       Neurosurgery clinics of north america
       New civil engineer (nce)
       New electronics
       New england journal of medicine
       New horizon
       New Horizons: Journal of the Institution of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Pakistan
       New phytologist
       New scientist
       News & reviews
       News bulletin
       News in physiological science
       Newzealand journal of science
       Nickel bulletin
       Nipa reporter
       Nira research output
       Nishtar Medical Journal
       Nll translations bulletin
       Non-destructive testing/australia
       Nonwovens industrial textiles
       Nonwovens Reports International
       Novon journal of botanical nomenclature from the missouri botanical garden
       Nsta technology journal
       Nuclear data sheets
       Nuclear data tables
       Nuclear energy (formerly: journal of british nuclear energy society)
       Nuclear engineering and design/fusion
       Nuclear engineering international
       Nuclear europe worldscan (formerly: nuclear europe)
       Nuclear geophysics (formerly: international journal of radiation application and instrumentation part-e)
       Nuclear index
       Nuclear india
       Nuclear industry
       Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research
       Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research (b) beam interactions with materials and atoms
       Nuclear medicine and biology (formerly: international journal of radiation applications and instrumentation part-b)
       Nuclear medicine communications
       Nuclear news
       Nuclear physics
       Nuclear physics: b
       Nuclear power
       Nuclear safety
       Nuclear science abstracts of czechoslovakia
       Nuclear science abstracts of poland
       Nuclear science and applications
       Nuclear science and engineering
       Nuclear science information of japan (formerly: nuclear science abstracts of japan)
       Nuclear science journal
       Nuclear spectrum
       Nuclear standard news
       Nuclear technology
       Nuclear technology/fusion
       Nuclear tracks and radiation measurements
       Nucleic acids research
       Nucleonics week
       Numerical heat transfer
       NUML-Journal of Critical Inquiry
       Nuovo cimento
       Nuovo cimento (serie decima a)
       Nuovo cimento: b
       Nuovo cimento: c
       Nuovo cimento: d
       Nurse educator
       Nurse practitioner
       Nursing and health care
       Nursing clinics of north america
       Nursing diagnosis
       Nursing economics
       Nursing forum
       Nursing journal of india
       Nursing mirror
       Nursing outlook
       Nursing papers
       Nursing research
       Nursing standard
       Nursing success today
       Nursing times
       NUST Journal of Engineering Sciences
       NUST Journal of Natural Sciences
       nutrient cycling in agroecosystems (Formerly: fertilizer research)
       Nutrition abstracts and reviews
       Nutrition of man
       Nutrition planning
       Nutrition research
       Nutrition reviews