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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       J. com
       Jadeed science (urdu)
       Jadeed zarait (urdu)
       Janes defence weekly
       Janes missiles and rockets
       Janes navy international
       Japan agricultural research
       Japan echo
       Japan pesticide information
       Japanese Bulletin of Arts Therapy
       Japanese journal of botany
       Japanese journal of clinical oncology
       Japanese journal of experimental medicine
       Japanese journal of geology and geography
       Japanese journal of mathematics
       Japanese journal of ryodoraku medicine
       Japanese journal of the atomic energy society of japan
       Japanese journal of zoology
       Jarq japan agricultural research quarterly
       Jeol news electron optics instruments
       Jetp letters
       Jicst abstracts series agro industries
       Jicst abstracts series renewable energy
       Jikeikai medical journal
       Jircas international symposium series
       Jircas Journal of Scientific Paper
       Jircas newsletter
       Jordan Journal of Chemistry
       Journal for Scientific Research
       Journal for the history of arabic science
       Journal Geographic
       Journal of automobile engineering , proceedings of the I mech E part-D
       Journal of abstract and reviews: economics
       Journal of acoustic emission
       Journal of Administration Overseas
       Journal of advanced nursing
       Journal of advertising research
       Journal of affective disorders
       Journal of agri & food research
       Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
       Journal of agricultural economic research
       Journal of agricultural economics
       Journal of agricultural engineering
       Journal of Agricultural Research
       Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences
       Journal of Agriculture and Social Sciences
       Journal of aircraft
       Journal of Allama Iqbal Medical College
       Journal of allergy and clinical immunology
       Journal of alloys and compounds (formerly: journal of the less common metals)
       Journal of american academy of dermatology
       Journal of american chemical society
       Journal of american college of cardiology
       Journal of american health information management
       Journal Of American Society for Mass Spectrometry
       Journal of american society of nephrology
       Journal of american water works association
       Journal of anaesthesia and critical care
       Journal of analytical and environmental chemistry
       Journal of analytical chemistry
       Journal of analytical chemistry of ussr
       Journal of anatomy
       Journal of andrology
       Journal of Animal and Plant sciences
       Journal of animal ecology
       Journal of animal health and production
       Journal of animal science
       Journal of antibiotics
       Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy
       Journal of aoac
       Journal of Applied and Emerging Sciences
       Journal of applied bacteriology
       Journal of applied chemistry
       Journal of applied chemistry and biotechnology
       Journal of applied chemistry of ussr
       Journal of applied ecology
       Journal of applied econometrics
       Journal of applied electrochemistry
       Journal of applied mechanics
       Journal of applied physics
       Journal of applied physiology
       Journal of applied polymer science
       Journal of applied psychology
       Journal of applied science and engineering
       Journal of applied toxicology
       Journal of architectural education
       Journal of Asian and African Studies
       Journal of asian civilizations
       journal of Asian Natural Products Research
       Journal of asian studies
       Journal of asiatic society of bengal
       Journal of atmospheric chemistry
       Journal of atmospheric science
       Journal of Ayub Medical College
       Journal of bacteriology
       Journal of bahrain medical society
       Journal of bangladesh academy of sciences
       Journal of banking and finance
       Journal of Baqai Medical University
       Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
       Journal of Behavioral Sciences
       Journal of beijing university of traditional chinese medicines
       Journal of biochemical and biophysical methods
       Journal of biochemistry
       Journal of biochemistry, molecular biology & biophysics
       Journal of biological chemistry
       Journal of biological science research
       Journal of Biological Sciences
       Journal of biomechanical engineering
       Journal of Biomolecular Screening
       Journal of bioscience & bioengineering
       Journal of biosocial sciences
       Journal of biotechnology
       Journal of bone and joint surgery american volume
       Journal of bone and joint surgery british volume
       Journal of bone and joint surgery quinquennial index
       Journal of bone and mineral research
       Journal of building research
       Journal of business
       Journal of Business & Economics
       Journal of business and economic statistics
       Journal of Business and Society
       Journal of business finance and accounting
       Journal of business management
       Journal of Business Strategies
       Journal of canada pakistan cooperation
       Journal of canadian petroleum technology
       Journal of cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia
       Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology
       Journal of cardiovascular surgery
       Journal of cataract and refractive surgery
       Journal of cell biology
       Journal of cell science
       Journal of cellular physiology
       Journal of central asia
       Journal of cereal science
       Journal of change management
       Journal of chemical and engineering data
       Journal of chemical documentation
       Journal of chemical education
       Journal of chemical engineering of japan
       Journal of Chemical Information and modelling
       Journal of chemical physics
       Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan
       Journal of chemical technology and biotechnology
       Journal of chemistry
       Journal of child psychology and psychiatry and allied disciplines
       Journal of chiropractice
       Journal of chromatographic sciences
       Journal of chromatography
       Journal of chronic diseases
       Journal of clinical and hospital pharmacy
       Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism
       Journal of clinical epidemiology
       Journal of clinical ethics
       Journal of clinical investigation
       Journal of clinical microbiology
       Journal of clinical oncology
       Journal of clinical pathology
       Journal of clinical pharmacology
       Journal of clinical psychiatry
       Journal of clinical ultrasound
       Journal of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan
       Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry
       Journal of common market studies
       Journal of communicable diseases
       Journal of Communication
       Journal of comparative physiology a and b
       Journal of computational physics
       Journal of computer and system sciences
       Journal of computer assisted tomography
       Journal of construction engineering and management
       Journal of consumer research
       Journal of contemporary asia
       Journal of continuing education in nursing
       Journal of cranio maxillofacial surgery
       Journal of cross cultural psychology
       Journal of crystal growth
       Journal of current laser abstracts
       Journal of cyclic nucleotide protein phosphorylatic research
       Journal of dairy science
       Journal of democracy
       Journal of developing areas
       Journal of development economics
       Journal of development planning
       Journal of development studies
       Journal of developmental studies
       Journal of dhaka medical college
       Journal of Diabates and its Complications
       Journal of diarrhoeal diseases research
       Journal of documentation
       Journal of donghus university , former journal of china textile university
       Journal of Dow University of Health Sciences
       Journal of drainage and water management
       Journal of earthquake engineering
       Journal of ecology
       Journal of economic cooperation among islamic countries
       Journal of economic dynamics and control
       Journal of economic entomology
       Journal of economic issues
       Journal of economic literature
       Journal of economic perspectives
       Journal of economic theory
       Journal of Education and Research
       Journal of Education Research
       Journal of Educational Research
       Journal of electrical engineering and technology
       Journal of electro chemical society
       Journal of electroanalytical chemistry and interfacial electrochemistry
       Journal of electrochemical of india
       Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena
       Journal of electronic materials
       Journal of Elementary Education
       Journal of emergency nursing
       Journal of endocrinological investigation
       Journal of endocrinology
       Journal of endocrinology and metabolism
       Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
       Journal of engineering education
       Journal of engineering for gas turbine and power
       Journal of engineering for industry
       Journal of engineering islamic republic of iran
       Journal of engineering manufacture, proceedings of the I mech E part-B
       Journal of engineering mathematics
       Journal of engineering sciences
       Journal of entrepreneurship
       Journal of environment and development
       Journal of environmental engineering
       Journal of environmental health
       Journal of environmental management
       Journal of environmental quality
       Journal of environmental science and health part a
       Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry
       Journal of epidemiology and community health
       Journal of ethnopharmacology
       Journal of experimental and clinical cancer research
       Journal of experimental botany
       Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
       Journal of experimental medicine
       Journal of experimental zoology
       Journal of faculty of engineering & technology
       Journal of Faculty of Pharmacy of Ankara University
       Journal of family practice
       Journal of farm economics
       Journal of ferrocement
       Journal of finance
       Journal of financial economics
       Journal of financial management and analysis
       Journal of financial services marketing
       Journal of fish biology
       Journal of fluid mechanics
       Journal of food agriculture & environment science and technology
       Journal of food processing and preservation
       Journal of food science
       Journal of food science and technology
       Journal of forensic sciences
       Journal of friction and wear
       Journal of gastroenterology
       Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology
       Journal of gender
       Journal of Gender and Social Issues
       Journal of general and applied microbiology
       Journal of General Chemistry of the USSR
       Journal of general microbiology
       Journal of general physiology
       Journal of general virology
       Journal of geochemical exploration (association of exploration -geochemists)
       Journal of geology
       Journal of geophysical research
       Journal of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering (asce)
       Journal of guidance control and dynamics
       Journal of hand surgery
       Journal of hazardous materials
       Journal of health administration education
       Journal of health economics
       Journal of heat transfer
       Journal of hebei college of geology
       Journal of helminthology
       Journal of hepatology
       Journal of heredity
       Journal of heterocyclic chemistry
       Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
       Journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry
       Journal of history and philosophy of science
       Journal of human hypertension
       Journal of human resources
       Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
       Journal of hydraulic engineering
       Journal of hydraulics division
       Journal of hygiene
       Journal of hygiene epidemiology microbiology and immunology
       Journal of ima
       Journal of immunological methods
       Journal of immunology
       Journal of Independent Studies and Research
       Journal of Independent Studies and Research on Computing
       Journal of indian potato association
       Journal of indian society of agricultural engineers
       Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry
       Journal of industrial economics
       Journal Of Industrial Textiles
       Journal of infection
       Journal of Infection and Public Health
       Journal of infectious diseases
       Journal of Information and Communication Technology
       Journal of information science
       Journal of inorganic and nuclear chemistry ( new title: polyhedron)
       Journal of insect physiology
       Journal of Institute of Bankers in Pakistan
       Journal of institution of electrical and electronics engineers
       Journal of institutional and theoretical economics
       Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
       Journal of international development
       Journal of international economics
       Journal of International Marketing
       Journal of international trade and economic development
       Journal of invertebrate pathology
       Journal of investigative medicine
       Journal of Iran University of Medical Sciences
       Journal of irrigation and drainage engineering
       Journal of islamic academy of sciences
       Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance
       Journal of islamic studies
       Journal of Japan Pediatric Society/Acta Pediatrica Japonica
       Journal of karachi physics society
       Journal of laboratory and clinical medicine
       Journal of labour economics
       Journal of laryngology and otology
       Journal of law and Society
       Journal of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences
       Journal of lightwave technology
       Journal of lipid research
       Journal of liquid chromatography
       Journal of macroeconomics
       Journal of macromolecular science part c: reviews in macromolecular chemistry
       Journal of magnetic resonance
       Journal of mammalogy
       Journal of Management and Social Sciences
       Journal of management in engineering
       Journal of management information system
       Journal of Managerial Sciences
       Journal of manufacturing systems
       Journal of marketing
       Journal of Marketing Management
       Journal of marketing research
       Journal of Marriage and the Family
       Journal of Mass Communication
       Journal of Mass Spectrometry
       Journal of materials engineering
       Journal of materials engineering and performance
       Journal of materials research
       Journal of materials science
       Journal of materials science letters
       Journal of materials science: materials in electronics
       Journal of materials science: materials in medicine
       Journal of materials: design and applications: proceedings of the I mech E part-L
       Journal of mathematical analysis and applications
       Journal of mathematical and physical sciences
       Journal of mathematical economics
       Journal of mathematical physics
       Journal of mathematical sciences
       Journal of mathematics
       Journal of mechanical engineering science
       Journal of mechanics and physics of solids
       Journal of Media Studies
       Journal of medical education
       Journal of medical genetics
       Journal of medical microbiology
       Journal of Medical Research
       Journal of Medical Science
       Journal of medical society toho university
       Journal of Medicinal Chemisrty
       Journal of medicinal chemistry
       Journal of medicine
       Journal of medicine and philosophy
       Journal of membrane biology
       Journal of membrane science
       Journal of mental deficiency research
       Journal of metals
       Journal of micro computer applications
       Journal of microbiology epidemiology and immunobiology
       Journal of microscopy
       Journal of midwifery and women's health
       Journal of mississippi state medical association
       Journal of mixed methods research
       Journal of modern medical science
       Journal of modern optics (formerly: optica acta)
       Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology
       Journal of molecular biology
       Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
       Journal of Molecular Evolution
       Journal of Molecular Science
       Journal of monetary economics
       Journal of Money Credit and Banking
       Journal of morphology
       Journal of Muhammad Medical College
       Journal of nara medical association/nara igaku zasshi
       Journal of natural history
       Journal of natural products
       Journal of Natural Sciences and mathematics
       Journal of Natural Toxins
       Journal of near eastern studies
       Journal of nematology
       Journal of nephrology, urology and transplantation
       Journal of neuro surgery
       Journal of neurological sciences
       Journal of neurological surgery
       Journal of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry
       Journal of neurophysiology
       Journal of neuroscience methods
       Journal of neurosurgery
       Journal of new horizons
       Journal of nippon medical school
       Journal of nuclear energy
       Journal of nuclear energy part a/b: reactor science and technology
       Journal of nuclear materials
       Journal of nuclear medicine
       Journal of nuclear medicine technology (jnmt)
       Journal of nuclear science and technology
       Journal of nurse midwifery
       Journal of nursing administration
       Journal of nursing education
       Journal of nursing management
       Journal of nursing scholarship
       Journal of nursing staff development (jnsd)
       Journal of nutrition
       Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology
       Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology research
       Journal of obstetrics gynaecologic and neonatal nursing
       Journal of occupational accidents
       Journal of occupational and environmental medicine
       Journal of occupational medicine
       Journal of Optical Communications and Networking
       Journal of optics
       Journal of optoelectronics and advanced materials
       Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery
       Journal of organic chemistry
       Journal of organic chemistry of ussr
       Journal of organizational behavior
       Journal of organometallic chemistry
       Journal of orthodontics
       Journal of otolaryngology
       Journal of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists
       Journal of Pakistan Dental Association
       Journal of Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers
       Journal of pakistan institute of medical sciences
       Journal of Pakistan Medical Association
       Journal of Pakistan Orthopedic Association
       Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society
       Journal of palestine studies 1971
       Journal of parallel and distributed computing
       Journal of parasitology
       Journal of pathology
       Journal of pathology and bacteriology
       Journal of peasant studies
       Journal of pediatric hematology / oncology (jpho)
       Journal of pediatrics
       Journal of pediatrics gastroenterology and nutrition
       Journal of pediatrics nursing
       Journal of pediatrics orthopaedics
       Journal of pediatrics surgery
       Journal of perinatal and neonatal nursing
       Journal of petroleum technology
       Journal of pharmaceutical sciences
       Journal of pharmaco kinetics and biopharmaceutics
       Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics
       Journal of pharmacy
       Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology
       Journal of phase equilibria (formerly: the bulletin of alloy phase diagrams and incorporating the journal of alloy phase diagrams)
       Journal of physical chemistry
       Journal of physics
       Journal of physics (b) atomic, molecular and optical physics
       Journal of physics (d) applied physics (formerly: british journal of app physics)
       Journal of physics a mathematical and general (formerly: proceedings of physical society)
       Journal of physics and chemistry of solids
       Journal of physics c solid state physics
       Journal of physics g nuclear physics
       Journal of physics: B: Atomic and molecular physics
       Journal of physics: condensed matter (formerly: journal of physics)
       Journal of physics: D: Applied physics
       Journal of physiology
       Journal of Plankton Research
       Journal of planning education and research
       Journal of Plant Regesteration
       Journal of plasma physics
       journal of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (formerly: british journal of plastic surgery)
       Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
       Journal of policy modelling
       Journal of political economy
       Journal of Political Science
       Journal of polymer science: a: polymer chemistry edition
       Journal of polymer science: b: polymer physics edition
       Journal of polymer science: c: polymer letters edition
       Journal of polymer science: macromolecular reviews
       Journal of portfolio management
       Journal of Postgraduate Medical Institute peshawar
       Journal of power and energy: proceedings of the I mech E part A
       Journal of power sources
       Journal of process mechanical engineering: proceedings of the I mech E part E
       Journal of productivity analysis
       Journal of professional nursing
       Journal of propulsion and power
       Journal of protein chemistry
       Journal of protozoology
       Journal of psychiatry-neurology
       Journal of psychosocial nursing and mental health services
       Journal of psychosomatic research
       Journal of public economics
       Journal of public health medicine
       Journal of public transportation
       Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences
       Journal of Quality and Technology Management
       Journal of quality technology
       Journal of quantitative spectroscopy and radiative transfer
       Journal of radiological protection
       Journal of Rawalpindi Medical College
       Journal of regional cultural institute
       Journal of regional science
       Journal of regional studies
       Journal of rehabilitation research and development
       Journal of Religious Studies
       Journal of reproduction and fertility
       Journal of reproductive immunology
       Journal of reproductive medicine
       Journal of Research
       Journal of Research (Humanities)
       Journal of research and development
       Journal of Research in Architecture and Planning
       Journal of research of national bureau of standards
       Journal of Research Science
       Journal of Research Society of Pakistan
       Journal of Reserch and Reflections in Education
       Journal of rheumatology
       Journal of risk and reliability: proceedings of the I mech E part O
       Journal of royal college of general practitioners
       Journal of royal college of physicians of london
       Journal of royal society of medicine
       Journal of royal statistical society series a: general society
       Journal of royal statistical society series b: methodological
       Journal of royal statistical society series c: applied statistics
       Journal of Rural Development and Administration
       Journal of russian laser research (formerly: journal of soviet laser research)
       Journal of S& T Policy and Scientometrics
       Journal of Saidu Medical College
       Journal of Saudi Chemical Society
       Journal of science
       Journal of science and engineering research
       Journal of Science and Technology
       Journal of science islamic republic of iran
       Journal of scientific and industrial research
       Journal of Scientific Research
       Journal of sedimentary petrology
       Journal of semitic studies
       Journal of services institute of medical sciences
       Journal of Sheikh Zayed Medical College
       Journal of social issues
       Journal of social psychology
       Journal of Social Sciences
       Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
       Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
       Journal of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Research
       Journal of solution chemistry
       Journal of south asian and middle eastern studies
       Journal of soviet laser research (new title: journal of russian laser research)
       Journal of statistical physics
       Journal of Statistics
       Journal of stored products research
       Journal of strain analysis for engineering design
       Journal of structural chemistry ussr
       Journal of structural engineering
       Journal of surgery
       Journal of Surgery Pakistan
       Journal of surgical oncology
       Journal of surgical research
       Journal of surveying engineering
       Journal of Sustainable Agriculture
       Journal of sustainable development
       Journal of synchrotron radiation
       Journal of synthetic methods
       Journal of systems and control engineering: proceedings of the I mech E part I
       Journal of Systems Management
       Journal of teacher education
       Journal of technical physics
       Journal of testing and evaluation
       Journal of Textile Engineering (Formerly: Journal of the Textile Machinery Society of Japan)
       Journal of textile institute
       Journal of the acm
       Journal of the Amercan Chemical Society
       Journal of the american academy of ophthalmology
       Journal of the american ceramic society abstracts
       Journal of the american chemical society
       Journal of the american college of surgeons (formerly: surgery: gynaecology and obstetrics)
       Journal of the american leather chemists association
       Journal of the american medical association
       Journal of the american medical association pakistan
       Journal of the american medical record association
       Journal of the american society for information science
       Journal of the American Veterinary
       Journal of the Arab Board of Medical Specialization
       Journal of the asiatic society of pakistan
       Journal of the association for computing machinery
       Journal of the astronautical sciences
       Journal of the atmospheric sciences
       Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society
       Journal of the bombay natural history society
       Journal of the british medical association (bmj)
       Journal of the chemical society, faraday transaction i
       Journal of the chemical society, faraday transactions ii
       Journal of the chemical society, perkin transaction i
       Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society
       Journal of the computer society of india
       Journal of the electrochemical society
       Journal of the faculty of science
       Journal of the Geological Society of India
       Journal of the geological society, london
       Journal of the history of ideas
       Journal of the history of philosophy
       Journal of the indian chemical society
       Journal of the indian institute of architects
       Journal of the indian mathematical society
       Journal of the Indian Roads Congress
       Journal of the indian society of soil science
       Journal of the institute of metals and metallurgical abstracts
       Journal of the institute of metals: an international journal of metals research and application
       Journal of the institute of nuclear material management (formerly: nuclear material management)
       Journal of the institute of town planners india
       Journal of the institution of electronics and telecommunication engineers
       Journal of the institution of engineers
       Journal of the institution of engineers australia
       Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society
       Journal of the korean nuclear society
       Journal of the kuwait medical association
       Journal of the Lebanese Dental Association
       Journal of the minerals, metals and materials society (formerly: journal of metals)
       Journal of the national cancer institute
       Journal of the national institute of electronics
       Journal of the national research council of thailand
       Journal of the national science council of sri lanka
       Journal of the oceanographical society of japan
       Journal of the operational research society
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