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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       Water air and soil pollution
       Water and wastes engineering
       Water and wastewater international
       Water pollution abstracts
       Water research journal
       Water resources abstracts
       Water resources research
       Water services (formerly: water and water engineering)
       Weather and crop report
       Web techniques
       Weed abstracts
       Weed research
       Weed science
       Weishengwu xuebao
       Welding and metal fabrication
       Welding in the world
       Welding journal
       Weltwirtschaftliches archiv
       West pakistan journal of agricultural research
       Western journal of medicine
       Western journal of nursing research
       Westing house engineer
       Who chronicle
       Who drug information
       Wildlife & environment
       Wireless world
       Wood energy news
       Wood science and technology
       Wool Science Review
       World agricultural economics and rural sociology abstracts
       World aids
       World bank economic review
       World bank research observer
       World development
       World economy
       World Gastroenterology News
       World health
       World health forum
       World health statistics quarterly
       World journal of microbiology and biotechnology (formerly: mircen journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology)
       World journal of surgery
       World leather
       World oil
       World scientist (english edition of la recherche)
       World textile abstracts
       World translations index
       World water