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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       I and ec fundamentals
       Iaea bulletin
       Iaslic bulletin
       Iassi quarterly
       Ibm journal of research and development
       Ibm systems journal
       Ibm technical disclosure bulletin
       ICAC Recorder
       Icarda carvan
       Ice abstracts
       Ice: proceedings of the institution of civil engineer
       Ice: proceedings of the institution of civil engineer, Structures and buildings
       Ice: proceedings of the institution of civil engineer: management procurement and law
       Ice: proceedings of the institution of civil engineer: muncipal engineer
       Ice: proceedings of the institution of civil engineer: transport
       Icimod newsletter
       Icp information newsletter
       Idrc reports
       Ids bulletin
       Ie: Industrial engineer
       Iee news
       Iee proceedings (part b: electric power applications)
       Iee proceedings (part c: generation transmission and distribution)
       Iee Proceedings: circuts, devices and systems
       Iee review (formerly: electronics and power engineers)
       Ieee aerospace and electronic systems magazine
       Ieee antennas and propagation magazine
       IEEE ASME Transaction on Mechatronics
       Ieee circuits and devices magazine
       Ieee circuits and systems magazine
       Ieee communications letters
       Ieee communications magazine
       IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine
       Ieee computational science and engineering
       Ieee computer
       Ieee computer applications in power magazine
       Ieee computer graphics and applications
       Ieee computers
       IEEE Computing in Science & Engineering
       Ieee control systems magazine
       Ieee design and test of computers
       Ieee electron device letters
       IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology
       Ieee expert intelligent systems and their applications
       Ieee industry applications magazine
       Ieee intelligent systems
       Ieee internet computing
       IEEE IT Professional
       IEEE Journal of Light Wave Technology
       Ieee journal of lightwave technology
       Ieee journal of quantum electronics
       Ieee journal of selected areas in communications
       Ieee journal of selected topics in quantum electronics
       Ieee journal of solid state circuits
       Ieee micro
       IEEE Microwave Magazine
       Ieee multimedia
       IEEE Networking Magazine
       IEEE Oceanic Engineering
       IEEE Pervasive
       IEEE Pervasive Computing Mobile
       IEEE Power and Energy
       Ieee power engineering review
       IEEE Selected Areas in Communications
       IEEE Sensors Journal
       Ieee signal processing letters
       IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
       Ieee software
       Ieee spectrum
       IEEE Technology & Society
       Ieee transaction on mobile computing
       Ieee transaction on wireless communication
       Ieee transactions on acoustics, speech and signal processing: from 1991 ieee transactions on signal processing
       Ieee transactions on aerospace and electronic systems
       Ieee transactions on applied superconductivity
       Ieee transactions on automatic control
       Ieee transactions on biomedical engineering
       Ieee transactions on broadcasting
       Ieee transactions on circuits and systems
       Ieee transactions on circuits and systems fundamental theory and applications
       ieee transactions on circuits and systems-II
       Ieee transactions on communication technology
       Ieee transactions on communications (formerly: ieee transactions on communication technology)
       Ieee transactions on communications magazine
       Ieee transactions on components and packaging technologies
       Ieee transactions on components, hybrids and manufacturing technology
       Ieee transactions on computer-aided design of integrated circuits and systems
       Ieee transactions on computers
       Ieee transactions on consumer electronics (formerly: ieee transactions on broadcast and television receivers)
       Ieee transactions on control systems technology
       Ieee transactions on dielectrics and electrical insulations
       Ieee transactions on education
       Ieee transactions on electrical insulation
       Ieee transactions on electro devices
       Ieee transactions on electromagnetic compatibility
       Ieee transactions on electron devices
       Ieee transactions on electronics
       ieee transactions on electronics packaging manufacturing
       Ieee transactions on energy conversion
       Ieee transactions on engineering management
       Ieee transactions on evolutionary computation
       Ieee transactions on fuzzy systems
       Ieee transactions on geoscience and remote sensing
       Ieee transactions on image processing
       Ieee transactions on industrial electronics
       Ieee transactions on information theory
       Ieee transactions on instrumentation and measurement
       Ieee transactions on knowledge and data engineering
       Ieee transactions on magnetics
       Ieee transactions on medical imaging
       Ieee transactions on microwave theory and techniques
       Ieee transactions on multimedia
       ieee transactions on nanotechnology
       Ieee transactions on networking
       Ieee transactions on neural networks
       Ieee transactions on nuclear science
       Ieee transactions on parallel and distributed system
       Ieee transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence
       IEEE Transactions on Photonics technology Letters
       Ieee transactions on plasma science
       Ieee transactions on power apparatus and systems
       Ieee transactions on power electronics
       Ieee transactions on power systems
       Ieee transactions on professional communications
       Ieee transactions on reliability
       Ieee transactions on robotics and automation
       Ieee transactions on semiconductor manufacturing
       Ieee transactions on signal processing (formerly: ieee transactions acoustics, speech and signal processing)
       IEEE Transactions on Software
       Ieee transactions on software engineering
       Ieee transactions on speech and audio processing
       Ieee transactions on systems man and cybernetics
       Ieee transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics and frequency control (formerly: ieee transactions on sonics and ultrasonics)
       Ieee transactions on vehicular technology
       Ieee transactions on very large scale integration (vlsi) systems
       Ieee transactions on visualization and computer graphics
       IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
       Ieee/acm transactions on networking
       Ifda dossier
       Illinois libraries
       Ima journal of numerical analysis
       Image and vision computing
       Imana newsletter
       Immuno chemistry
       Immunology & allergy practice
       Immunology and allergy clinics of north america
       Immunology,Endocrine & Metabolic Agents
       Impact international
       Impact of science on society
       In focus
       In vitro: Journal of the tissue Culture association
       Index medicus
       Index medicus eastern mediterranean region
       Index veterinarius
       India international centre quarterly
       India news
       India quarterly
       Indian bee journal
       Indian chemical society journal
       Indian concrete journal
       Indian defence review
       Indian economic journal
       Indian economic review
       Indian farming
       Indian forester
       Indian heart journal
       Indian journal of agricultural economics
       Indian journal of agricultural research
       Indian journal of agricultural sciences
       Indian journal of agronomy
       Indian journal of animal research
       Indian journal of animal sciences
       Indian journal of applied chemistry
       Indian Journal of Biochemistry
       Indian journal of biochemistry and biophysics
       Indian Journal of Biotechnology
       Indian journal of chemical technology
       Indian journal of chemistry
       Indian journal of chemistry section b
       Indian journal of chest diseases and allied science
       Indian journal of dairy science
       Indian journal of earth sciences
       Indian journal of ecology
       Indian journal of economics
       Indian journal of engineering and material sciences
       Indian journal of entomology
       Indian journal of experimental biology
       Indian journal of fiber and textile research
       Indian journal of fisheries
       Indian journal of forestry
       Indian journal of gender studies
       Indian journal of genetics and plant breeding
       Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences
       Indian journal of gerontology
       Indian journal of helminthology
       Indian journal of horticulture
       Indian journal of leprosy
       Indian journal of marine sciences
       Indian journal of mathematics
       Indian journal of medical research
       Indian journal of medical sciences
       Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources
       Indian journal of nematology
       Indian journal of nutrition and dietetics
       Indian journal of ophthalmology
       Indian journal of pathology and bacteriology
       Indian journal of pathology and microbiology
       Indian journal of pediatrics
       Indian journal of pharmacology
       Indian journal of plant physiology
       Indian journal of poultry science
       Indian journal of power and river valley development
       Indian journal of psychiatry
       Indian Journal of Public Administration
       Indian journal of pure and applied mathematics
       Indian journal of pure and applied physics
       Indian journal of radio and space physics
       Indian journal of surgery
       Indian journal of technology
       Indian journal of textile research
       Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
       Indian leather
       Indian minerals
       Indian pediatrics
       Indian phytopathology
       Indian science abstracts
       Indian society of agricultural statistics journal
       Indian society of soil science journal
       Indian sugar
       Indian veterinary journal
       Indonesian agriculture research and development journal
       Indonesian journal of agricultural science
       Indus Journal of Managememt and Social Sciences
       Indus Journal of Management & Social Sciences
       Indus: journal of pakistan wapda
       Industrial affairs
       Industrial and engineering chemistry (analytical edition)
       Industrial and engineering chemistry (process design and development)
       Industrial and engineering chemistry research
       Industrial and labour relations review
       Industrial and production engineering
       Industrial and scientific instruments
       Industrial Bulletin
       Industrial ceramics
       Industrial development
       Industrial development abstracts
       Industrial electronics communication automation instrumentation control
       Industrial engineering
       Industrial engineering journal
       Industrial handling and storage
       Industrial hygiene digest
       Industrial laser solutions for manufacturing (formerly: industrial laser review)
       Industrial maintenance
       Industrial metrology: the international journal of automated measurement and control
       Industrial quality control
       Industrial relations
       Industrial research
       Industrial specifications
       Industrial times
       Industry and environment
       Industry asia international
       Industry week (formerly: electronics)
       Infection and immunity
       Infection control and hospital epidemiology
       Infectious Diseases Journal
       Infectious Disorder DrugTargets
       Inflammation and Allergy DrugTargets
       Information and control
       Information Management
       Information retrieval and library automation
       Information science abstracts
       Information scientists
       Information services in mechanical engineering (ismec)
       Information Society
       Information technology Journal
       Infoterra bulletin
       Infrared physics
       Injury british journal of accident surgery
       Inorganic and nuclear chemistry letters
       Inorganic chemica acta
       Inorganic chemistry
       Inorganica chemica acta bioinorganic chemistry articles and letters
       Insect Fauna of Korea
       Insects and pest control newsletter
       Institute of civil engineers proceedings
       Institute of civil engineers, proceedings, geotechnical engineering
       Institution of mining and metallurgy abstracts
       Instrumentation technology
       Instruments and control systems
       Instruments and experimental techniques
       Instruments the magazine of measurement and control
       Integrated rural development review
       Intellectual property in asia and the pacific
       Intelligent enterprise
       Interdisciplinary science reviews
       Interfaces in computing
       Internal medicine
       International abstracts in operations research
       International aerospace abstracts
       International affairs
       International agricultural development
       International agriculture digest
       International and comparative law quarterly
       International atomic energy agency bulletin
       International chemical engineering
       International child health
       International currency review
       International defence review
       International development abstracts
       International Diabetes monitor
       International digest of health legislation
       International dyer
       International economic journal
       International economic review
       International environmental technology
       International family planning perspectives and digest
       International fiber journal
       International financial statistics
       International hepatology communication
       International journal for development technology
       International journal for numerical methods in engineering
       International journal for numerical methods in fluids
       International Journal for Parasitology
       International journal for rural development
       International journal of acoustics and vibration
       International Journal of Advertising
       International journal of agriculture & biotechnology
       International Journal of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
       International Journal of Agriculture and Biology
       International journal of andrology
       International journal of applied mechanics and engineering
       International journal of applied radiation and isotopes radiation application and instrumentation part-a
       International journal of artificial intelligence in education
       International Journal of Asian Social Sciences
       International Journal of Asian Studies
       International journal of automotive technology and management
       International Journal of Biology and Biotechnology
       International Journal of Biology Research
       International journal of biomedical computing
       International journal of cancer
       International journal of cardiology
       International journal of chemical kinetics
       International journal of colorectal disease
       International journal of computer vision
       International journal of computers and electrical engineering
       International journal of computers and fluids
       International journal of computers and mathematics with applications
       International journal of control
       International journal of damage mechanics
       International journal of dermatology
       International journal of development planning literature
       International journal of ecology and environmental science
       International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology
       International journal of electrical engineering education
       International journal of electronics (theoretical and experimental)
       International journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
       International journal of energy research
       International journal of engine research
       International journal of engineering
       International journal of engineering science
       International journal of epidemiology
       International Journal of Foundation of Computer Sciences
       International journal of heat and fluid flow
       International journal of human resource management
       International journal of hydrogen energy
       International journal of immunopharmacology
       International journal of impact engineering
       International journal of leprosy
       International journal of machine tools and manufacture: design research and application
       International journal of mass spectrometry and ion process
       International journal of mechanical sciences
       International journal of middle east studies
       International Journal of Mini and Microcomputers
       International journal of modelling and simulation
       International journal of non-linear mechanics
       International journal of nursing practice
       International journal of nursing studies
       International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders
       International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery
       International Journal of Organic Evolution
       International journal of otology rhinology lanrynology
       International journal of palliative nursing (ijpn)
       International journal of parasitology
       International Journal of Pathology
       International journal of pavement engineering
       International journal of peptide and protein research
       International journal of pest management
       International Journal of Pharmacology
       International Journal of Phycology and Phytochemistry
       International journal of powder metallurgy and powder technology
       International journal of psychology
       International journal of quantum chemistry
       International journal of radiation: oncology- biology- physics
       International journal of refrigeration
       International journal of renewable energy
       International journal of simulation modelling
       International journal of software engineering and knowledge engineering
       International journal of solid state electronics
       International Journal of south Asian Study
       International journal of supercomputer applications
       International journal of surface science and engineering
       International journal of the Computer, The Internet and Management
       International journal of theoretical physics
       International journal of transport management
       International journal of tuberculosis and lung diseases
       International journal of tuberculosis and lung diseases
       International journal of vehicle design
       International Journal of Wireless Information Networks
       International laboratory
       International labour review
       International licensing
       International magazine for textile design, processing and testing
       International management
       International materials reviews (formerly: international metals review)
       International monetary fund staff papers
       International nursing index
       International nursing review
       International ophthalmology clinics
       International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities
       International Review of Administrative Sciences
       International rice research newsletter
       International rice research notes
       International social science journal
       International studies
       International surgery
       International textile bulletin
       International Textile Monitor
       International trade forum
       International union of crystallography
       Internet today
       Invention intelligence
       Invertebrate Fauna of Korea
       Investigational new drugs
       Investment and marketing
       Invitro Cellular and Development Biology
       IPRI factfile
       IPRI Journal: Islamabad Policy Research Institute Journal
       Iqbal review
       Iranian journal of fisheries science
       Iranian Journal of Immunology
       Iranian journal of medical sciences
       Iranian journal of science and technology
       Ircihe bulletin
       Irish journal of medical science (ijms)
       Iron making and steel making
       Irrico news
       Irrigation and drainage (asce) (on line)
       Irrigation and drainage (chinese language)
       Irrigation and drainage abstracts
       Irrigation and power (journal of central board of irrigation and power)
       Irrigation and power abstracts
       Isi bulletin
       Isij international (iron and steel institute of japan)
       Islam and christian muslim relation
       Islamabad Journal of Science
       Islamic culture
       Islamic economic studies
       Islamic education
       Islamic quarterly
       Islamic studies
       Islamic thought and scientific creativity
       Isoss bulletin: the journal of islamic society of statistical sciences
       Isotope and radiation research
       Isotopes and radiation technology
       Isra Medical Journal
       Issues in Science and Technology
       It professional: technology solutions for the enterprise
       Ite journal (institute of transportation engineers)
       Its textile leader: the magazine for international management
       Ittefaq health care journal
       ITU News
       Iwasri iimi
       Iwasri news