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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       P.m.d.c. (gazetteer)
       Pacific affairs
       Pacific friends
       Paediatric clinics of north america
       Paediatrics in review
       Pak atom
       Pak tobacco
       Pak Vacuum: A newsletter of Pakistan Vacuum Society
       Pakistan Agriculture: A Journal of Agriculture Foundation of Pakistan
       Pakistan and gulf economist
       Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal
       Pakistan army journal
       Pakistan burmah shell news
       Pakistan Business Review
       Pakistan Cotton
       Pakistan current contents
       Pakistan defence review
       Pakistan dental review
       Pakistan Development Review
       Pakistan Economic and Social Review
       Pakistan economic perspectives
       Pakistan economist
       Pakistan education journal
       Pakistan Engineer
       Pakistan engineering council newsletter
       Pakistan Entomologist
       Pakistan environmental digest
       Pakistan food and agricultural review
       Pakistan geophysical review
       Pakistan Heart Journal
       Pakistan Horizon
       Pakistan Horticulture
       Pakistan journal of agricultural and social sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Economics
       Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research
       Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Agriculture
       Pakistan Journal of Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of American Studies
       Pakistan Journal of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry
       Pakistan Journal of Analytical Chemistry
       Pakistan journal of animal sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics
       Pakistan Journal of Applied Sciences
       Pakistan journal of arid agriculture
       Pakistan Journal of Biochemistry
       Pakistan Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
       Pakistan Journal of Biological and Agricultural Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Biotechnology
       Pakistan Journal of Botany
       Pakistan Journal of Cardiology
       Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
       Pakistan journal of chemical psychology
       Pakistan Journal of Chest Medicine
       Pakistan journal of clinical psychiatry
       Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology
       Pakistan journal of community medicine
       Pakistan journal of distance education
       Pakistan journal of economics and management
       Pakistan Journal of Education
       Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Engineering Horizon
       Pakistan Journal of Entomology
       Pakistan journal of family planning
       Pakistan Journal of Farming
       Pakistan Journal of Fisheries
       Pakistan Journal of Food Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Forestry
       Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology
       Pakistan Journal of Geography
       Pakistan Journal of Health
       Pakistan Journal of History and Philosophy of Science
       Pakistan Journal of Hydrocarbon Research
       Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Livestock and Poultry
       Pakistan Journal of Livestock Research
       Pakistan Journal of Local Governement
       Pakistan Journal of Marine Biology
       Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Medical Education
       Pakistan Journal of Medical Ethics
       Pakistan Journal of Medical Research
       Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Meterology
       Pakistan journal of microbiology
       Pakistan Journal of Nematology
       Pakistan Journal of Neurological Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Neurology
       Pakistan Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
       Pakistan Journal of Ophthalmology
       Pakistan Journal of Otolaryngology,Head and Neck Surgery
       Pakistan Journal of Pathology
       Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Pharmacology
       Pakistan Journal of Pharmacy
       Pakistan Journal of Phytopathology
       Pakistan Journal of Plant Sciences
       Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research
       Pakistan journal of Psychology
       Pakistan Journal of Public Administration
       Pakistan Journal of Public Health
       Pakistan Journal of Science
       Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
       Pakistan journal of scientific research
       Pakistan Journal of Seed Technology
       Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences
       Pakistan journal of social security
       Pakistan journal of soil science
       Pakistan Journal of Special Education
       Pakistan Journal of Statistics
       Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research
       Pakistan Journal of Surgery
       Pakistan Journal of Veterinary Research
       Pakistan Journal of Water Resources
       Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research
       Pakistan Journal of Women's Studies
       Pakistan Journal of Zoology
       Pakistan Leather Trade Journal
       Pakistan Library and Information Science Journal
       Pakistan library bulletin
       Pakistan library review
       Pakistan Management Review
       Pakistan manpower review
       Pakistan medical forum
       Pakistan medical journal
       Pakistan metallurgist
       Pakistan ophthalmology
       Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal
       Pakistan paediatric cardiology journal
       Pakistan Pediatric Journal
       Pakistan Perspectives
       Pakistan Philosophical Journal
       Pakistan physiological society
       Pakistan pictorial
       Pakistan population review
       Pakistan Postgraduate Medical Journal
       Pakistan poultry
       Pakistan productivity
       Pakistan science abstracts
       Pakistan Science Abstracts (Section A: Agricultural Sciences)
       Pakistan Science Abstracts (Section B: Biochemistry & Biotechnology)
       Pakistan Science Abstracts (Section C: Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences)
       Pakistan Science Abstracts (Section D: Animal Sciences)
       Pakistan Science Abstracts (Section E: Earth & Environmental Sciences)
       Pakistan Science Abstracts (Section F: Physics)
       Pakistan Science Abstracts (Section G: Mathematics & Statistics)
       Pakistan Science Abstracts (Section H: Medical Sciences)
       Pakistan Science Abstracts (Section I: Information Communication & Engineering Sciences)
       Pakistan seafood digest
       Pakistan Steel Journal
       Pakistan Sugar Journal
       Pakistan systematics
       Pakistan textile journal
       Pakistan tobacco journal
       Pakistan Veterinary Journal
       Pakistan Vision
       Palawija news
       Palestinian Medical Journal
       Pan Arab Journal of Neurosurgery
       Papua new guinea medical journal
       Paradigm: A Journal of Commerce, Economics and Social Sciences
       Parallel computing
       Parc news
       Parc research digest
       Particles and nuclei
       Paryavaran abstracts
       Patient care: the journal of practical family medicine
       Patna journal of medicine
       Pc computing
       Pc magazine
       Pc magazine
       Pc world
       Pcat bulletin
       PCSIR bulletin
       Pediatric alert
       Pediatric anesthesia
       Pediatric annals
       Pediatric clinics of north america
       Pediatric infectious disease journal
       Pediatric nursing
       Pediatric research
       Pediatric reviews and communications
       Pediatrics in review
       Peking review
       Perceptions: journal of international affairs
       Periodicals of asia and the pacific
       Personal computing
       Personality study and group behavior
       Personel Computing Magazine
       Personnel Administration
       Personnel Administration and Public Personnel Review
       Perspectives in biology and medicine
       pesticide outlook (new title: outlook on pest management)
       Petroleum geoscience
       Pharmaceutical Biology
       Pharmacological reviews
       Phase transitions
       Philippine abstracts
       Philippine economic journal
       Philippine Journal of Public Administration
       Philippine journal of science
       Philippine nuclear journal
       Philippine science and technology abstracts
       Philips in science and industry
       Philips research reports
       Philips technical review
       Philosophical magazine
       Philosophical magazine (section a: defects and mechanical properties)
       Philosophical magazine (section b: electronics, optical and mechanical properties)
       Philosophical magazine letters
       Philosophical transactions of royal society of london (series a: mathematical and physical sciences)
       Philosophy and history
       Photochemistry and photobiology
       Photogrammetric Engineering
       Photographic science and engineering
       Photonics spectra
       Php: a forum for a better world
       Physical chemistry
       Physical chemistry chemical physics (pccp) (formerly: journal of chemical society faraday transactions)
       Physical medicine and rehabilitation
       Physical review
       Physical review [a] general physics
       Physical review abstracts
       Physical review b condensed matter
       Physical review c: nuclear physics
       Physical review d: particles and fields
       Physical review e:
       Physical review letters
       Physical therapy
       Physics abstracts
       Physics and chemistry of glasses
       Physics bulletin
       Physics in canada
       Physics in medicine and biology
       Physics in technology
       Physics letters: a
       Physics letters: b
       Physics of atomic nuclei
       Physics of fluids
       Physics of fluids - part a: fluid dynamics
       Physics of fluids - part b: plasma physics
       Physics of metals and metallography
       Physics reports (review section of physics letters)
       Physics teacher
       Physics today
       Physics-uspekhi (formerly: soviet physics uspekhi)
       Physiologia plantarum
       Physiological Genomics
       Physiological measurement
       Physiological reviews
       Phytochemical analysis
       Phytotherapie research
       Pide library bulletin
       Pla newsletter
       Planned parenthood challenges
       Plant and cell physiology
       Plant and soil
       Plant breeding
       Plant breeding abstracts
       Plant breeding and genetics newsletter
       Plant cell
       Plant cell reports
       Plant cell, tissue and organ culture
       Plant disease
       Plant engineering
       Plant growth regulator abstracts
       Plant Journal for Cell and Molecular Biology
       Plant medica
       Plant molecular biology reporter
       Plant pathology
       Plant physiology
       Plant tissue culture
       Planta medica
       Planta Medica:Journal of Medicinal Plant Research
       Plasma devices and operations
       Plasma physics and controlled fusion (formerly: plasma physics)
       Plasma physics index
       Plastic and reconstructive surgery
       Pmdc gazetter (bulletin of pakistan medical and dental council)
       Polish Journal of Chemistry
       Polish perspective
       Political quarterly
       Political science quarterly
       Polymer bulletin
       Polymer Contents
       Polymer journal
       Polymer mechanics
       Polymer report
       Polymer Reviews
       Polymer science ussr
       Popular electronics
       Popular mechanics
       Popular science
       Population and development review
       Population bulletin
       Population reports
       Population research and policy review
       Population studies
       Postgraduate medical journal
       Postgraduate medicine
       Potato abstracts
       Potato journal
       Poultry guide
       Poultry science
       Powder diffraction
       Powder metallurgy
       Power engineering
       Power reactor technology
       Practical metallography
       Prajnan: journal of social and management sciences
       Precision metal
       Prescribers journal
       Preventive medicine
       Primary care
       Problems of economics
       Proceedings of american mathematical society
       Proceedings of national academy of sciences
       Proceedings of national science council
       Proceedings of Pakistan Academy of Sciences
       Proceedings of pakistan congress of zoology
       Proceedings of Parasitology
       Proceedings of sheikh zayed postgraduate medical institute
       Proceedings of the institute of electrical & electronics engineers
       Proceedings of the royal college of physicians of edinburgh
       Proceedings of the royal society of london a: mathematical and physical sciences
       Proceedings of the royal society of medicine
       Process biochemistry
       Production engineer: journal of institution of production engineers
       Productivity Journal
       Professional engineering (formerly: chartered mechanical engineer)
       Professional Medical Journal
       Professional nurse
       Programming and computer software
       Progress in neurobiology
       Progress in theoretical physics
       Progressive farming
       Promotion and education
       Prospects: unesco review of education
       protein and Peptide letters
       Protein expression and purification
       Protein Profile
       Protein Science
       Protein: Structure, Function & Bioinformatics
       Proteins structure function and genetics
       Proteomics: clinical applications
       Psychiatric annals
       Psychiatric clinics of north america
       Psychological medicine
       Psychology and developing societies
       Psychopharmacology bulletin
       psychotherapy research
       Public administration
       Public Administration and Development
       Public administration review
       Public affairs information service (pais) bulletin
       Public enterprise
       Public Opinion
       Public Personnel Management
       Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
       Publishers weekly
       Pudoc bulletin
       Pulse International
       Punjab fruit journal
       Punjab horticultural journal
       Punjab University Journal of Mathematics
       Punjab University Journal of Zoology
       Pure and applied chemistry