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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       Radiation botany (title changed to 'environmental and experimental botany')
       Radiation measurements (formerly: nuclear tracks and radiation applications and instrumentation pt-i)
       Radiation physics and chemistry
       Radiation protection dosimetry
       Radiation research
       Radio and electronic engineer
       Radiochemical and radioanalytical letters
       Radiochimica acta
       Radiological clinics of north america
       Rahat's Medical Journal
       Rapra abstracts
       Rawal Medical Journal
       Reactor technology
       Reader's digest
       Reader's digest usa
       Recent Patent on Anti Cancer Drug Discovery
       Recent Patent on Anti infective Drug Discovery
       Recent Patent on Biomedical Engineering
       recent Patent on Biotechnology
       Recent Patent on Cardiovascular Drug Discovery
       Recent Patent on CNS Drug Discovery
       Recent Patent on DNA and Gene Sequencesu
       Recent Patent on Drug Delivery and Formulation
       Recent Patent on Endocrine Metabolic & ImmuneDrug Discovery
       Recent Patent on Engineering
       Recent Patent on Food Nutrition and Agriculture
       recent Patents on Inflammation & allergy Drug Discovery
       recent Patents on Material Science
       recent Patents on Nanotechnology
       Records of the zoological survey of india
       Records of the Zoological Survey of Pakistan
       Recueil: Journal of the Royal Netherland Chemical Society
       Red crescent
       Refractories - ogneupory
       Refractories journal
       Refrigeration and air conditioning
       Regional anesthesia and pain medicine
       regional development dialogue
       Regional science and urban economics (formerly: regional and urban economics)
       Regional Studies
       Rejuvenation Research
       Reliability engineering and system safety
       Renewable energy
       Reprographics quarterly
       Research and industry
       Research and technology briefs
       Research bulletin
       Research in nursing and health
       Research in veterinary sciences
       Research journal
       Research journal of grassroots
       Research Journal University of Balochistan
       Research observer (world bank)
       Research policy
       Research quarterly
       Research reactor journal
       Reservoir newsletters
       Resident & Staff Physician
       Resident and staff physician
       Resource & environmental biotechnology
       Resources and energy
       Respiratory medicine
       Review of agricultural economics
       Review of applied entomology
       Review of economic studies
       Review of economics and statistics
       Review of income and wealth
       Review of infectious diseases
       Review of international affairs
       Review of modern physics
       Review of plant pathology
       Review of pure and applied chemistry
       Review of scientific instruments
       Review of Textile Progress
       review of world economics
       Reviews in chemical engineering
       Reviews in inorganic chemistry
       Reviews on Recent Clinical Trials
       Revista chilena De Cirugia
       Revue de metallurgie
       Revue de physique appliquee
       Riazi: Journal of Karachi Mathematical Association
       Rice abstracts
       Rice literature update
       Rice today
       Rice Today
       Richerche di mathematica
       Rivista del nuovo cimento
       Romanian engineering
       Romanian review
       Royal institute of chemistry journal
       Rubber chemistry and technology
       Rural energy
       Rural sociology
       Russian chemical reviews
       Russian engineering journal
       Russian journal of inorganic chemistry
       Russian journal of non-destructive testing (formerly: soviet journal of non-destructive testing upto 1991)
       Russian journal of physical chemistry