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PASTIC's Union Catalogue is the repository of all research material available in all libraries in Pakistan. This information is updated regularly.
Note: The information on this page is currently being updated regularly. So if your desired information is not available, please visit this page in near future to find it again.
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       Bacteriological reviews
       Bahrain medical bulletin
       Bahria Journal of Professional Psychology
       Baif journal (bharatiya agro industries foundation)
       Balance of payments statistics
       Balochistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
       Bangladesh development studies
       Bangladesh journal of agricultural economics
       Bangladesh journal of public administration
       Bangladesh medical research council bulletin
       Bangladesh science and technology index
       Baqai News
       Basin Research
       Bbc nachrichten
       Bedford shire businessman
       Behavioral and brain science
       Behavioral biology
       Behavioural and Neural Biology
       Beijing review
       Bell laboratory technical journal (formerly: atandt bell laboratory technical journal)
       Bell system technical journal
       Berichteder bunsen gessellschaft fur physikalish chemie
       Better crops
       Better crops with plant food
       BHUMI: planning research journal
       Biannual Journal of Gender and Social Issues
       Bible Review
       Bible Unde kirchie
       Bibliography of agriculture
       Bibliography of reproduction
       Bibliography of seismology
       Bibliotheca Sacra
       Bio deterioration research titles
       Biochemica et biophysica acta
       Biochemical and biophysical research communications
       Biochemical genetics
       Biochemical journal
       Biochemical medicine
       Biochemical Society Transactions
       Biochemistry and cell biology
       Biochimica et biophysica acta : biophysics including photosynthesis
       Biochimica et biophysica acta: b bioenergetics
       Biochimica et biophysica acta: n nucleic acids and protein synthesis
       Biochimica et biophysica acta: protein structure
       Biocycle: journal of composting & recycling
       Bioelectrochemistry and bioenergetics: a section of electroanalytical chemistry and interfacial electrochemistry
       Biofuels, bioproducts and biorefining (biofpr)
       Biological abstracts
       Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
       Biological bulletin
       Biological chemistry:hoppe-Seylers
       Biological conservation
       Biological control
       Biological Research Journal
       Biological reviews
       Biology fertility of soils
       Biology of blood and marrow transplantation (bb & mt)
       Biology of reproduction
       Biomolecular engineering
       Bioorganic and medicinal Chemistry Letters
       Bioorganic Chemistry
       Biophysical journal
       Bioresearch index
       Bioresource technology
       Bioscience reports
       Bioscience, biotechnology & biochemistry
       Biotechnic and histochemistry
       biotechnology and Applied biochemistry
       Biotechnology and bioengineering
       Bitki koruma bulteni (plant protection bulletin)
       Blast furnace and steel plant
       Blood journal of haematology
       Bogoslovni Vestnik
       Boletim de la sociedad botanica
       Bollettino di zoologia
       Bone marrow transplantation
       Book review digest
       Books and bookman
       Borneo review
       Botanical bulletin of Academia Sinica/Academia Sinica Botanical Bulletin
       Botanical gazette
       Botanical review
       Botswana Journal of Technology
       Brain research bulletin
       Brain Research Reviews
       Bratislavske lekarske listy bratislava medical journal
       British ceramic abstracts
       British ceramic society transactions
       British columbia medical journal
       British corrosion journal
       British dental journal
       British educational research journal
       British heart journal
       British homoeopathic journal
       British journal of anaesthesia
       British journal of cancer
       British journal of chiropody
       British journal of clinical pathology
       British journal of clinical practice
       British journal of clinical psychology
       British journal of clinical psychology (formerly: british journal of social and clinical psychology)
       British journal of dermatology
       British journal of diseases of the chest
       British journal of educational psychology
       British journal of experimental pathology
       British journal of family planning
       British journal of guidence and councelling
       British journal of haematology
       British journal of health psychology
       British journal of hospital medicine
       British journal of neurosurgery
       British journal of non destructive testing
       British journal of nursing
       British journal of nutrition
       British journal of obstetrics and gynaecology
       British journal of ophthalmology
       British journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery
       British journal of pharmacology (formerly: british journal of pharmacology and chemotherapy)
       British journal of photography
       British journal of plastic surgery
       British journal of psychiatry
       British journal of psychology
       British journal of radiology
       British journal of rheumatology
       British journal of sexual medicines
       British journal of sociology
       British journal of surgery
       British journal of urology
       British journal of venereal diseases
       British medical bulletin
       British medical journal
       British medical journal of radiology
       British medicine (formerly: british medical book list)
       British polymer journal
       British printer
       British technology index
       Brown boveri review
       Bucking hamshire business
       Buffalo bulletin
       Building and Interior
       Building science abstracts
       Bulgarian journal of physics
       Bulletin cancer
       Bulletin chiang mai association medical sciences
       Bulletin college of physicians and surgeons pakistan
       bulletin Et Memories De Academie Royale De Medicine De Belgique
       Bulletin for the international fiscal documentation
       Bulletin of abstracts
       Bulletin of american college of chest physicians
       Bulletin of american physical society (series ii)
       Bulletin of american physical society series i
       Bulletin of atomic scientists
       Bulletin of biological research centre
       Bulletin of botanical survey of india
       Bulletin of centre of excellence in geology
       Bulletin of Education and Research
       Bulletin of entomological research
       Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine
       Bulletin of health studies
       Bulletin of hydrobiological research
       Bulletin of hygiene
       Bulletin of indian society of earthquake technology
       Bulletin of institute of statistical research and training
       Bulletin of irrigation drainage and flood control research council of pakistan
       Bulletin of materials science
       Bulletin of mathematical biology formerly bulletin of mathematical biophysics
       Bulletin of medical library association
       Bulletin of oil and natural gas commission
       Bulletin of royal of society international scientific information services
       Bulletin of the academy of science ussr
       Bulletin of the american mathematical society
       Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
       Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethopia
       Bulletin of the chemical society of japan
       Bulletin of the institute of physics and the physical society
       Bulletin of the russian academy of sciences: physics
       Bulletin of the seismological society of america
       Bulletin of the unesco regional office for education in asia and pacific
       Bulletin of the veterinary institute in pulawy
       Bulletin of the world health organisation
       Bulletin of Tibetology
       Bulletin of world health organization
       Bulletin of zoology
       Bulletin on narcotics
       Bulletin scientifique
       Burns including thermal injury
       Business automation
       Business review
       Business times